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RV Satellite! Winegard Pathway X2

OMG! This is the best way to get Satellite in your RV, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, or anything else you camp in.

I know, I know!  Many don't watch TV in while camping. We don't if just camping a weekend. But we always camp for a week at a time. And like to relax after a busy day and catch the news.

Okay! On to this amazing thing.  If you read my story of how we came to buy this and why, you will see how easy it is to set up.

We were looking for a Automatic Satellite and man, they are expensive. We had direct TV at home so was looking for the Winegard Carryout to work with Direct TV. Goodness! Why is the one for Direct TV so much more than the others like Tailgater? So on to Facebook market place, all kinds of camping Facebook pages and yard sale groups. And finally found this at an amazing deal.

It's the Winegard Pathway X2   I found it on Craigslist and it came with the unit below and 2 receivers and remotes and all the coax cables all for $250.  I know what your thinking. That don't work with Direct TV!  Correct!

What did we do? We cancelled our Direct tv and saved $140 a month for basic cable, how crazy is that?  And went with a Amazon Fire stick!  That is totally awesome!   And called Dish Network and signed up with Dish for my RV or the Pay as you go program.  This is how easy it was:

Called Dish, spent a few minutes on the phone setting up the account, gave them the receiver number and the Sim card number.  The registered it, said, make sure you set it up with in 2 hours so the signal takes, or just call back and have them resend it. 

I hooked up the coax cable to the receiver and hubby took it out side and hooked it up to the Pathway (that is how it gets it power). Then hooked up the HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV. 

On screen it ask you for which receiver 1 or 2, What channel for satellite, #A, Then select your State by letter A-H for Florida, Then South Florida for my region. Click Scan and that is it.  Hubby is out side, and this thing is doing circles and back and forth, and on the screen it shows found 1 then 2 then 3 satellites. when locked on, It just starts showing the TV shows.  It's that simple.  It's amazing how fast and easy it was compared to the big dish. 

With the pay as you go. There is NO contracts! You pay, you watch for 30 days,  Don't pay, Dont watch, Simple as that.  We only got the Flex Pack its 50+ channels (all the ones we watch Discovery, History, A&E, TLC) for $34.99  and we added the local channels for our local news and stuff for only $10 more.  So with tax its $50.80 a month, Still cheaper than Direct tv for the same channels.  

There are several other packages you can add like Sports, News or kids channels for $10 each. Or movie channels.   This is good for one Receiver.  If you want to hook up the 2nd receiver, its only $7 extra a month.  

Here is another tip!  Your home Zip code is good to run your package where ever you go, You just plug it in, and select state and scan and it will find the satellite and play.  Now! the only exception is.  If you have the local package, it will only work for up to 150 Miles from your home. If you are camping outside the 150 miles and want your local channels. Just call Dish and tell them your out camping and need to enter a new zip. And then you will get your local channels for where your at.  But have to change it back when you get home.  If you don't' care about local channels when you travel then you never have to have it reset.  

We will be loving this thing and using it at the house this weekend till we go camping next week.  So check craigslist and stuff for a great deal on one,

Read post below how we came about getting this after many trials and errors!

Story of how we came to buy the Winegard Pathway!

We camp for a week at a time!  And although we spend all our time outdoors fishing and sight seeing.  It's nice to enjoy a little TV before bed to relax after a full days activities or when its raining.  Yes, it rains just about every camping trip but that don't stop us. It has to end some time right?

We had Direct tv at home and many said "Just buy a extra dish and bring your box from home"!  Yeah, okay! Its not that easy!

We had a old smaller dish on the roof they left when they installed the new slimline dish.  Thinking it would work. We tried everything, could not get it to get signal. Even sat it right beside the one in the yard to make sure it was in the right direction. Nope! Nothing!

Did some research and found out that you have to have the exact same dish (Slimline) as you have at home, and have to order a extra black power box for it. Well searched craigslist and happen to find one close to where we were camping and ran over and got it, and tried it for hours. Nothing! and gave up. Ordered a new LNB that matched the one at the house to see if that was the problem.

Next trip, we were at Sebastian Inlet and said, well, lets give it a try, Downloaded all these satellite finders, digital compass and all kinds of things and so many internet searches. And still NOTHING!

We noticed our neighbors the next day came in, And were setting up the same dish set up we had, He was using some computer thing to set his up. He looked like an expert so we walked over and asked for some tips. He came over and worked for about 2 hours but finally got it to work. Not really sure what the issue was but it was working. Maybe the different LNB, who knows!  We are now great camping friends and plan trips together. LOL

Next Camping trip. Sebastian Inlet again, Same spot so we knew exactly where to set it up, Direct and everything, Set it up and WAM!  It was working just sitting it on the ground.  Next day, Storm, And it moved, And for the life of us, Could not get it to find the satellite again, So moved it other side of spot and found it again, go figure!?!?!?  We were confused! but hey it worked.  

All was going well, It was weighted down with a heavy tool box. Then a bad storm came up. Rangers told us a tornado was spotted and to take down awning and dish and take cover.  So we did.  We folded the legs and leaned it up against the front trailer by the hitch, A a huge gust of wind gust came and blew it over and broke the LNB on the front and bent the dish. Hubby threw it in the back of the truck and said "That's It".   We are getting a Automatic one!

On to searching for a Automatic Satellite!

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