Friday, March 24, 2017

New Beginnings!

It's been awhile since I have posted to my blogs. A year really!  I really miss it and going to try and get back into it since I now have a lot of free time.

This has been a crazy year! My husband has worked for the same company for 31 years. He started right before we got married. His job has supported us well over the years of raising our children.

In Sept of 2015 he was notified that he was no longer needed and would be laid off in January of 2016 along with several others.  We were really stressed about this and kind of happy at the same time. Stressed because we didn't know what would happen. Would he be able to get a new job? Would we lose our house? How would we live?  Maybe in the small Travel trailer? Who knows!  

Well, January 29th came.  His last day, He was excited about it for many reasons. I was stressed but tried to keep telling him we would be okay.  He got a severance and a paid year of insurance so we would be okay for a while. And just spent the year adjusting to our new life. It's a big change!  

Since he has several medical problems, High blood pressure and Diabetes. As well as 100 % deaf if he don't have a working Cochlear implant processor. Which happens often as they fail often, and Insurance sometimes replaces them. But more often we have to pay out of pocket and they are very expensive.   We decided to see if he could qualify for disability.  Well, It only took 2 months and he was approved.  So at this point we knew we would be okay.

We have really enjoyed him being home everyday this past year.  And just been camping as much as we can afford to do on our budget.  

Next post!  Traded  Freedom Express.  

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