Thursday, February 25, 2016

Slide Issues Again! Ugh!

We love our little 2014 Coachman Freedom Express 192 rbs. But let me tell you.  The slide has been a real pain in the behind!

We have already had to have the whole slide mechanism replaced right after we bought it. And have nothing but issues with it since.

We have had it exactly 2 years this valentines day.  And that weekend we took it to our family's house about 80 miles away. And the slide wont work.  So on the way home.  We dropped it off at Giant Recreation world in Winter Garden where we bought it to get them to look at it. As its 65 miles from home. They called yesterday and said the inspectors were out taking pictures.  Today I get the call that the extended warranty we paid for is going to cover the total replacement of the slide system and we just have to pay the deductible. Now, I don't think we should have to pay that because this is a continued issue from the original warranty repair. But it is what it is and I just want my trailer back.

 They have decided that since they are so many of these trailers coming in with this same issue. They are going to weld arms on to help guide the slide and support the Single arm slide. Let me tell you, I don't know who designed this. But anything that heavy, even being small, requires two arms. One on each side. to support each other so it don't walk in and out and jump out of track while on the road. Wow, that could cause a whole other issue if your driving down the road and the slide falls out!

Now just hope to get it back soon so we can go camping.

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