Monday, June 29, 2015

Anastasia State Park Review

Our 30th Anniversary trip!

We decided to go to St. Augustine.  I have lived in Florida all my 48 years, but never been to St. Augustine.  My husband had only been once.

So this being a all new trip. We stayed at Anastasia state park also a first.  It was awesome and beautiful.  Im loved seeing St. Augustine and all it has to offer and seen as much as we could in the 5 days we were there.  But we are not the touristy type.  So dont think we will make the 4 hour drive again.  I just like to go camping and check out the park.  So if I went again.   I would go for the camp ground and maybe see the fort again and light house but that is it.   We love old forts and lighthouses. As you know our favorite place is Fort. Desoto.  But! Be prepared to pay everywhere you go.  

You could opt to do the trolley, You wont have to pay for parking, and many things are included in the price. so pick your plan. You can pick up a trolley every 20 minutes so your never waiting long for the next one.  I have heard the Red trolley tours is the best. We were going to take this, but with my medical conditions, And never knowing when I will need to make it to the car. We decided to forgo the trolley and do a little everyday on my terms. And could leave when I needed to.

Map of the camp ground

This is our spot 109 Coquina.
So here are some pictures of our trip.  We stayed in the first loop which is Coquina loop in spot 109.  It was really shady. We had to use one Camco yellow block to raise to level on the door side. Site has a slight run off to the back. You can see a trail some one made to direct the water.  And a palm tree on side where you park.   Water faucet is at the front of the spot. So make sure you have a long hose. 

At the entrance of the park just past the check in station. On the right, Look for white mounds of sand. During the sunny day, The gopher turtles are laying out catching some rays. There are several along the road.  They are huge. There is a side walk you can walk by them.  Please stay on side walk so you don't bother them. 

Our first visit was the Light house. This was really nice to see. They were in the process of painting the top red while we were there. The museum is awesome. And a lovely day. To walk around and check it out.  $10 a person and free parking

I am not able to climb stairs but my husband was. So I waited at the bottom with others that can't climb. I took this cool picture that looks up the stair well.  Notice each floor has a landing. I'm thinking this is so if you fall at the top, you only go one floor instead of rolling all the way down.
Can you believe there were several women there, running up and down the stairs several times. Wow!  

Next day, we went to the fort and stopped to take pictures of the Lions at the bridge and check out the boats.  Pay to park on the street to see the bridge and lions. 

Panoramic view of the Castillo De San Marco Fort. We love forts so this was a real treat to see.  The top is really cool to walk around with lots of cannons.  Pay to park at fort and get it. Use access pass if you have it. $8 a person and Pay to park. Note, this parking lot is used by others that go to George street shopping. So parking is hard to find.  Also, if you pay for parking and you don't use your time. You can give your parking pass to someone else. We did this when we had 30 minutes one time,  And also another day we went to George street and paid for 2 hours. But were only there 30 mins and didn't like it so we left and gave someone our spot and our parking pass.  They really appreciated it. 

This guy can tell you a lot about the fort. Chat with him if you have a chance.

We are not drinkers but my husband works for a liquor distributor so he wanted to check out San Sebastian Winery.  WOW! Like I said, we don't drink, but boy did we learn a lot about wine. We had the best tour guide Markus and we were in the upstairs room. We taste tested 10 wines and learned about aerators and how to cook with what wines.  We had the best time. And get this, Totally FREE. So yes. add this to your list of must do!  Do not bring your kids. 

When I seen this Light house bottle. I just had to have it. I love odd shaped or colored bottles. And this was the perfect thing for this trip.  I plan to add colored beach sand I got on the beach to fill it with. And yeah, the wine was pretty good. My husband is addicted. And found out they sell it at the grove where they grow the grapes in Lake county which isn't far. So we might make a trip over. LOL  And you can buy all their wines online. San Sebastian Winery  .And money from every sale of the Lighthouse bottle goes to the restoration of the lighthouse.  

Next day was Mission Nombre de Dios. The grounds are beautiful. Free parking and entry.

Right next door to the mission is The fountain of Youth.  This was a pretty cool place. We spent several hours here. Seeing everything.  They had this beautiful white peacock. And many colored peacocks. They are all over the park, in the trees, on the roofs, everywhere.  We also got to see how they shoot the musket guns and how they shoot cannons. Wow, that was awesome.  $15 a person to get in here. Free parking

And this was our last night. We loved the campground and the beach. It's so different than ours our in Sarasota. But We missed every sunrise. We are sunset people. So on the last night, We walked the beach and look, We caught a sunset. LOL!  Im standing in the water and looking over the dunes. Ah! Perfect end to a wonderful trip.   I took 400 pictures this week. but no way to load them here. So I might load them to my photobucket later.

Next trip is a week booked for End of July at another of our favorite places. Sebastian Inlet state park. New spot again. This will be our 3rd trip and 3rd spot.  We will be taking my daughter and her two kids with us this trip. Can't wait.

Then we have a week booked for our other Favorite place, Fort desoto. Trying a different part of the pet section this time. Last time we were on the sea wall, and so many people walked by the back of the spot, that our dogs kept going crazy. So this time, we will be on the end section with no trail behind the camper so hopefully us and the dogs wont be so stressed. LOL!