Saturday, April 11, 2015

COBB Grill!

I was at a thrift store Friday.  Came across something in a big black bag with long handles.  It said COBB on top.  Well, I had no clue, So unzipped it.   And inside.  I see this cardboard disk on the lid.  You know, like when you buy a new pan and there is a piece of cardboard attached to the top knob to protect it.

So I lift the lid and see all these books and papers and magazine articles inside, And see a handle, a grill plate and a wire basket, so lift up the plate and see this bowl looking bottom.  No clue what it is.  So I open the book and start reading.  And my heart started pounding and I got so excited to see what it was.

Its like a oven to cook,  smoke or bake your food in.  This thing had never been used, it was still shinny, no burn marks are anything. It had a receipt attached to the cook book, it said it was purchased at Camping world July 3, 2004,  Can you believe that, it sat some where for 10 years and was never used.   So I got a brand spaking new Cobb for only $8.

Going to give it a try tomorrow with boneless country pork ribs and potatoes.  And plan to take it out on our camping trip for a week, starting next week.

Anyone have a Cobb grill.  Any suggestions, Recipes, Links, Groups, Facebook pages, Found a few and joined them.

Now I need to find the rack, and fry pan and extender ring for it.


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