Friday, September 19, 2014

Reorganizing the New Travel Trailer

The more you go camping with a new trailer. Whether its brand new or just new to you.

Organizing it is always an issue.  So coming from a pop up that had tons of storage and going to our small travel trailer.  It has storage but its smaller compartments so it seems like its less but really it isn't. Its just spread out over more smaller places.

So when we got it.  We added a shelf to the big cabinet over the sink in the kitchen area thinking that was a good place to put all the dishes like plates, bowls, glasses and stuff.

And put the shelves in the tall cabinets on the side of the fridge for the pantry. For all the food and other stuff like coffee maker and paper plates and stuff.   Its the double cabinet on the left side of the fridge.

well, the over the sink is kind of working. Its a little tight.  Have to take a few things out to get the buckets out.   And then found that the food in the pantry on side of the fridge is on the warm side.  And the chocolate granola bars melted.  And the bread bag had steam in it.  So on our 2nd trip we decided we needed to change a few things. 

So new plan is to add more shelves to the tall cabinets on the side of fridge and move all the dishes there and one dish pan on each shelf to help contain the things.  Heat shouldn't bother the dishes.  If it does. Might consider putting in a vent in the door so we don't have to keep it open. 

And will move the food to the cabinet over the sink.  It should be fine there. 

We will keep you posted on how this works out.  

Other things we are learning is.  Where to keep the towels and sheets. Well, we had empty cabinets over the couch. And its close to the bathroom and close to the beds.  So that is where we are now storing bath towels, sheets and extra pillows.  It was too much work getting them out from under the bed. 

So now Under the bed is where we keep stuff we don't need all the time. Like the small ceramic heater, The dining table fits in there but keep it on the side of the bed.  Air mattress and extra thick comforters and stuff like that.  We don't need all the time. 

Will be also ordering a small fan for the fridge condenser mod.  Here in Florida, even when we camp in the summer in full shade. The fridge just can't keep cold. So hoping the fan on the condenser along with the battery operated blue one we have inside on the fins will help. Plan to change that out to a wired one as well later. 

Will keep ya posted on how these changes work and what else we discover.

Oh, One more tip I forgot about.  Hubby hates taking fishing poles apart.  And wants to be all rigged and ready to go wet a line when we get to our destination.  So the storage we found for that.  In the bathroom.  They ride there nice and fine during trip and can keep them safe.  Its working good. 

Until next time. 
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