Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Got Travel Trailer Back From Shop! Next Trips Booked!

We went and picked up the Travel Trailer.. Man, we have missed seeing it in the driveway when we pull up.

They repaired the slide and put all new shear pins in and all looked good. So they pushed the button to bring it in and out and after the 3rd time.  All shear pins broke again.  So replaced all and tried again.  And after 3 times in and out. Same thing happened.

So they called Forest River and made a suggestion to drill bigger holes that would allow it to accept a heavier shear pin.  They did that and tested it and it all seems to be working good.  We will give it a try on our next Camping trip coming up in 3 weeks.

They also replaces the bad LED light and cover that cracked when it fell out while on the road.  And also had to order a whole new entertainment system as they could not get the DVD player to work.  So we will be testing that out on our next trip I'm sure.  As we will be taking our 3 1/2 year old grandson camping for the first time and he just loves watching the "Disney Cars Movie".  So you know we had to get that fixed before we took him. LOL!

We go camping at Sebastian Inlet state park in about 3 weeks. We have never been there and it will be our farthest trip yet. Fort Desoto is the only place we have camped at.  So this will be exciting. f

Our next trip is even farther.  We booked a week at Anastasia State Park for April 2015 for our 30th Anniversary and cant wait.  I have lived in Florida all my 47 years and never been to St. Augustine so we really looking forward to it.

Until next check in, Camp On!