Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Travel Trailer Is In The Shop (for one month now)

Boy how things change!

We had booked our first trip out in our new travel trailer when we bought her home in Feb. So we have been waiting 4 months to go on our first trip.  So here comes June.  And we are so excited to camp at our favorite place. Fort Desoto for a week.

We check in on Sunday June 15 so hubby goes out on Wednesday to turn on the fridge so we can make sure its cool enough to put food in before we leave.  He also put out the slide. And hears this noise and next thing you know. Hubby runs in and says, We have a big problem with the travel trailer.  I run out and what do I see.

The bottom of the slide was all the way out and the top was leaned all the way in. We went inside to push the top out to level it and try and get it to come in, and no go.  We tried the manual hand crank and no go.

 This has caused a lot of damage. The wood trim on the sides of the slide at the bottom have been pulled away from the frame, the metal frame the slide slides on is all bent. The support brackets are bent. And the wheel well is bent inside under the couch.

So I get on the phone and call our dealer, they try and walk us though getting it back in several different ways.  And nothing worked. So they said, you can not take it out of the yard with the slide stuck out.  And we are to far from you. So call RV world of Lakeland as they are closer to you. ( we tried to buy this same trailer from them but they didn't have any so had to go to Winter garden by Orlando).

Okay, so I called them, they were very nice and helpful on the phone. They gave me the number to a Mobile RV guy.  I called him, and he couldnt come out Thursday as he was booked. And he took Friday off to go camping. Guess where.  Fort Desoto, LOL!  Okay, so he says, well, we will run out to you Friday morning and see if we can get the slide in so you can go camping as well.  So they come out and tried and tried and took them little over 2 hours to get the slide back in, had to use a crow bar to jump the teeth on the gears to go back in the track, but the track was bent already so they had to manually force it in by rocking it.  Now that it was in, we cut 2x4's to support it so it wont come out while traveling.  Mobile RV coming out cost me $395 for 2 hours.  I faxed the bill over to Forest River ( They bought out Coachman) and they told me, they would reimburse me as there was no other way to get the slide in and to the shop. So on a good note, with in 2 weeks, I had my refund back.  Yay! Forest River.

Next, Called RV World of Lakeland, They said, it would be fine to take on our camping trip that weekend for the next week, just cant use the slide.  And we will be back on Friday so they gave us an appointment to take it to them and have the work done.

Sunday comes, we leave for Fort Desoto, checked in, set up was so much easier with the travel trailer then the pop up.  Man, we don't miss it so much now.  We enjoyed our week there. We just love this place.  We took out 2 little dogs, this was their first time.  And they loved it.  Working on their barking, hope they get better the more they go.   We tried every thing in the camper to make sure it all worked.  And every thing went well.   But did have 2 things to add to the list.

1.  Slide to be Fixed.
2. DVD player wont play DVD's
3. LED light in ceiling. One is dimmer then the rest and the frosted glass light cover keeps falling out during travel.

After enjoying our week. We leave Friday morning and head over to RV World and drop it off.

A week goes by, and we run out to get husbands Cochlear ear implant batteries he forgot.  And went inside and they were already working on all 3 things.  All the light covers were off.  The entertainment center was all apart and on the counter and they were working on the slide.

Turns out. the problem with the slide is.  There is a stop button on the track and it was not in the right position and it allowed the slide to go past the stopping position, which caused it to jump the track and messed every thing up.

They called to tell me, they have to order the parts from the factory and will take a month.  Its now been in the shop 3 weeks.  And no word yet on when we will get it back.  I hope we get it back before our next booked trip.  Going to Sebastian Inlet on the other side of Florida. Never been there so if we dont have our trailer. I guess we will be going in our tent.

Now, we are upset that this happend, but really, what can we say, its all covered under warranty, this is the reason we bought new. So things would be covered.  And from what I understand.  Any Pop up (PUP), Travel Trailer (TT),  Fifth Wheel (5'er) or Motor Home  (All these qualify as a RV which stands for Recreation Vehicle)  that you buy that has a warranty.  Make sure you use the heck out of it before your warranty is up just so you can get the bugs worked out and fixed under warranty.  So this is what we are doing.

Until next update!
Happy Camping.

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