Saturday, April 26, 2014

Travel Trailer Sign!

I made a new sign for our new Travel Trailer.   This one is more simple then the last one I made for our pup. It was bulky and made from wood and big pvc.

This one is simple and light, easy to put to store.

I bought the sign (poly corrugated plastic sign) it was about $5 and is size 18 x 14. Its in the hardware section where the yard sale signs are.   I cut the decal myself.

What you need is.
1 sign
1/2 pvc 2 cut at 30 inches and one cut at 21 inches.
2 -1/2 PVC T's
2 pieces of 1 inch PVC cut at 8 inches
2 1 inch Caps
2 Grommets (Front and Back) and setter tool
2 screw in hooks
4 1 inch Pole holder brackets
8 each Nuts, Bolts and 16 washers.

Put the T's on the 2 30inch pieces and connect the 21 inch piece in the middle.  No glue needed, Just tap them together.   Then put the caps on the 8 inch pieces.

With your frame together, hold it up to the propane cover, make sure to mount to the back. And mark where you need to drill the holes for the pole holder.  I had to hammer the brackets a little so it would fit the curve. I mounted them where the cap sits in the grove so the pole sits flush. Use the bolts, nuts, washers for hold these.  And make sure to put the flat head inside so it don't interfere with the propane tanks.

I picked up 2 small solar lights at dollar tree and they fit nice and snug in the 1/2 inch pipe.  Hang sign on the hooks screwed in the top pipe.

And that is it.  Very easy, Light and you just take the lights off, the sign off, and pull the frame out and pull the center pipe out.  use a rubber band to hold the 3 pipes together and store in your camper or storage area.

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