Monday, March 10, 2014

Travel Trailer Storage Mod Part 1

With our new travel trailer being on the small side.  It has very little storage.  Here is a picture of the kitchen area. 

So I started with the Kitchen cabinet over the sink. Its pretty good size 16x16x31.  But why didn't they put a shelf in there. 

So I went to Walmart and got a Expandable shelf for $7.46.  And the legs are short so what I did was cut 6 pieces of PVC to the length of 8 inches. (only 4 in picture)  I used my grinder to make a little cut out for the wire to sit in. To hold it more stable. 

Here is the finished shelf.  It now sits half way in the middle of the height of the cabinet. 

And here is the cabinet loaded.   The white dish pans work great for holding all the small bowls with lids and all the plastic glasses.  This shelf allowed me to add more stuff to this cabinet.

In the bathroom.  We have a medicine cabinet and a very small cabinet under the sink but its only big enough to hold toilet paper.  And I was worried about forgetting to put some thing away and it would be falling all over the place.  So this works perfect in the bathroom.  I got a canvas with mesh pockets hanging shoe organizer at Walmart for about $9.  

These are called Pop toggles and worked perfect for the walls in the Travel trailer.  They hold 50lbs.  I very carefully drilled the 5/16 holes using no force, Didn't push at all. I was afraid of going though the outside wall.  So I drilled the hole (didn't see any daylight)  and inserted these and then screwed the organizer in the toggles.

This is the cabinet under the sink,  It don't hold much, but on the top shelf on the left, I got all the flat cookie sheet, trays and electric griddle.  On the right is just a bucket of other stuff I dont know what to do with yet.
On the bottom left, if the pots and pans and lids.  On the right is very small and only the Lysol wipes and dish soap fit there.  The drawer above is a Real Drawer.  And it has all the silverware in there.  The rest of the cooking utensils are in the top drawer to the left of the oven.  And foil and zippy bags are in the second drawer.

This is all for now.  Have to work on the front outside storage next.  We have a mod planned for that soon. 

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