Sunday, March 23, 2014

RV Sewer Hose Storage Mod

We ran into a little issue with loading the new TT this past week.  We bought the Rhino Flex sewer hose kit.  and the connectors do not fit in the bumper on the TT.  And we do not want to have to disconnect them all every time we use them and worry about loosing one.

So I did some searching and found this mod done by "Adventures with the Visa"   and the hubby and I liked the looks of this mod so went to Lowes today and picked up every thing to do it.

This is what you need:

Gatehouse Arborley 5x5x96 White Fence Post $24.97  #17708(Outside in the garden fence section)
Genova 4 1/2 inch White Vinyl Gutter $6.47 #12066 (Inside lumber section)
1 Gatehouse 5x5 White Pyramid Post Top $ 3.10  # 87410 (With the post in garden section)
1 Fiberon 4x4 White Composite Post Cap $1.98  #100437 (With the post in garden section)
2 USP1 1/4 x 24 inch Light Capacity Strap $1.53 Each #51572 (Across from vinyl gutters)

Total $39.58 (for items above) 

Other things needed: 2 small eyes screws , self tapping galvanized screws with rubber washers, self tapping small screws, a clip (white one in picture) and small bungee cord.  I had all these things at the house so didn't add to the cost.

Tools used, Drill, Screwdriver, nut driver, hack saw, measuring tape, square, vice

In this picture, I took the 1 1/4 x 24 inch metal trapping and I found the center at 12 inches then marked 2.5 inches to both sides of center. This will give you the 5 inches you need to go around the fence post. I drew the lines then put the strap in my vice and bent it over and did the other side.

Your bracket could look like this when bent on the lines. This will now go around the 5x5 fence post and up to the 4x4 bumper. This is the only place we could find to mount this.  It wouldn't fit on the top of the bumper as it hide part of the licence plate and blocked the water heater vent door. So under the bumper it went. Still have good ground clearance. It don't hang any lower then the grey and black drains so it should be fine.

  I actually added more bends to one side of this after this. To add a bend where the 5x5 fence post ended it sticks out 1 inch from the bumper so I just bent it at 5 inches up and then bent again 1 inch up.  So the bracket sits flush with the white fence post and then flat with the bumper. (Excuse the pvc with the green foam noodle, the canoe is sitting on that. And its right behind the Travel Trailer)

Also the U bracket with the black bar is for the Portable Cloths line. We had to make sure it was in place before we added the fence post.

Next I cut a 3/4 wood dowel at 3 3/4 inches, then found a piece of 3/4 pvc in the shed. And cut it at 3 3/4 inches.  And the wood dowel slides right inside the PVC.  Now, what you do with this is.  You take your vinyl gutter and cut it to fit in the fence post.  Then you take one of these (Wood dowel and PVC) and you place it on the end of the vinyl gutter along with the small post cap.  Use a pair of pliers to hold the pvc dowel while you screw it in as it will want to turn.

Screw the Eye screws in near the top of the side of the fence post and attach your small bungee cord to the eyes.  Then take some kind of clip. I used a white plastic clip you use to hole wire shelves. Just cut the prong off the back and used a small machine bolt with a washer and nut to attach it.  Then you just hook the bungee to the clip. To take off, just pull the bungee off the clip and slide up and pull out drawer.

Attach the larger cap on the other end with screws. It will be closed all the time. So nothing slides out.

NOTE: If you plan to use the left over space in the gutter. Then get 2 of the small caps.  And make sure to put eye screws and bungee on that end as well.  We may do this later if we think we need an extender hose.

Finished Sliding sewer hose drawer

The second pvc dowel we screwed in at the end of the hose so it acts as a stopper so the hose cant slide all the way down.  This is the finished sliding sewer hose drawer.  The Rhino Flex with 90 degree clear adapter, and the hole adapter.  In the little box are disposable gloves.

Hope you enjoyed this very handy mod. Any questions email me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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