Sunday, March 2, 2014

Carport Mod for the new Travel Trailer!

With the new TT in the driveway.  Our 2010 F150 wouldn't fit.   So had to park it on the side yard with the 1995 F150.   

So the plan was to see if we could raise the carport roof to get the TT under it.  Now, Let me tell you,  It all seemed easy. But it was so much work.  We worked on it all day last Saturday, and got the front low carport removed.  That gave us 10 feet. 

 But the goal was to get the TT under the roof.  So we had some trouble with the main part on one side. The side that was attached to the Eve.  We had a new roof put on first week of January and they put a new wider drip edge on, and it over lapped the last pan.   We tried all day Saturday to get it out, But it wouldn't go. So we cut it in half and pulled it out.  Then we had to use the old truck, pulled under the awning. Used a high lift jack in the back of the truck.  And a pole to jack the roof up high enough to get the new 11 foot pole in.  Then  did the other side. And got it all screwed in.  And then came the moment of truth to see if she fit.  And she did.  Finally sunday night.  We were able to park her under the car port.  

This weekend.  We spent all day yesterday, Putting in the last pan we ordered from "Broke and Poor" (Mobile Home accessory place) The new 14'6 pan was $24 and we decided to add a couple more support poles to the side and roof.  We plan to put up white plastic lattice on the side. Several mobile homes on our street have it and it looks nice.   So to day, we finished it up.  By putting the front gutter on and the downspouts and then I pressure washed the carport and the travel trailer. Hubby moved the leaves and dirt was all over her.  

It was a lot of work, but so glad we did it and she is now protected. Some day we will enclose the side.  

But now we  have the front low awning left and we plan to build a deck on the front of the mobile home and put the awning up over the door.  That will be later in the year. 


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