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Giant Recreation World Review! Winter Garden, Florida

And how we got to be the owners of a new Travel Trailer. 

The hubby and I have been looking for the perfect TT (Travel Trailer) now that we decided we were not going the route of the HTT (Hybrid Travel Trailer).   Read post before this one to see the "TT" we bought. 

We looked up different Manufactures and looked at hundreds of floor plans.  And the hard part was knowing what we wanted and trying to find all those things in one layout.  Its like buying a house and having a list of must haves and what your willing to give up.  It works the same way with a "TT". So get your list ready.  Have no more then 3 floor plans in mind. And go see them in person, this is real important to know the feel of the size and layout.  And most important.  KNOW WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU GO! So you aren't talked in to something else. 

So here is our "Must Have"  and "Prefer to Have" List:

Must be under 23 feet total length (Box, bumper and hitch) to fit in our driveway and ease of towing. And still get into ALL the state park spots. And the last minute smaller spots. 

Must have Dedicated bed (Walk Around) so no climbing over or bumping head on over head bunk.

Must be light weight (Under 6000 lbs loaded) for ease of towing and not kill out gas mileage.

Must have "Full Length Awning"  It just drives me nuts that you have these 28 foot travel trailers and they only have a 14 foot awning. Didn't matter if it was power or manual. 
Prefer :Double Fridge ( We camp for a week at a time so this will be handy)

Prefer: 3 burner stove with Oven (Hey, we like fresh made biscuits with gravy when we camp and was using a Coleman camp oven. it worked but this is better)

Prefer: Double or large one section sink.  (Just handy but not a deal breaker) 

Prefer: Couch or U shaped Dinette over booth (but not a deal breaker) 

So with our list ready to go.  We decided on the 2014 Coachman (Forest River) Freedom Express 192 RBS.  It fit EVERYTHING on our list.  So now the search began. 

(Note: This is a stock picture of the specs and layout of the standard 192 RBS. The 50th Anniversary Edition is a little heavier and the Fresh water tank is 49 gallong /300 lbs full, Gray and Black are 32 and 34) 

We searched all the local dealers in our area.  Lazydays, Tampa RV (Used to be Bates), Camping world of Tampa (Used to be Longview) Camping World of Bartow (Used to be Dusty's RV) and Lakeland RV.  Lakeland RV was the only one with some in their Internet Inventory. I emailed them just to find out the 3 they had were already sold.  So I started searching outside my area. Which we found our area is pretty high in price as outside our area is better priced. 

When I do a internet search, I Google "RV dealers" in my area.  Then turn the map to satellite view and look at how big the dealer lot is. This will tell you how much inventory they carry and gives you lots of choices to look at.  verses going to a small dealer and only having a few to look at.  Then I do a Google search for the dealers name with "Reviews" in the search. Just to see what people are saying. You can't go 100% off of those. But it will give you a idea what to be on the watch for while your there. 

So this lead me to Giant Recreation world in Winter Garden about 1.5 hours from me.  They had 2 on their lot and low and behold. They were 50th Anniversary Editions.  That was a BONUS! I wasn't even looking for one.  This is a picture of their lot. Look at all that inventory and look how big the main building is. Main building is sales and inside showroom, and camping supply store. On the side is the service bays. 

 So we were going to head out to their lot on Saturday, but found out, they were going to be at the Ocala RV show that weekend (Feb 8,2014) which is about 2 hours away. So just went there thinking they would have it there. It was storming so bad that day but we were on a mission.  And got soaking wet.  We get there. And the first sales guy we came to was James Scott, we tell him we are looking for a 2014 Coachman Freedom Express 192 RBS. He says, they didn't bring that one, it's on their lot.  So he picks up his cell phone and tries to call Mark Scott at the Winter Garden store but can't get him so I said, send him a text. Letting him know we were headed back that direction.  He did just that and as we pulled up in the lot we were greeted and taken right to the "TT'.  Hubby and I looked it over and agree, that is it!  So we head inside, he gives me a price, I didn't like it and he comes back with a price we are happy with, Signed some papers. And in 30 minutes we were in there and out of there.  No Pressure!  It was awesome. 

So we had to wait for all the paper work to get in order and since we live almost 2 hours away. We couldn't get back out there till the following Saturday. Which was perfect because we decided to have the Duratain protection put on. 

So now, its following Saturday. We leave home at 7am and get there just at 9am.  And we are greeted at the door and everyone there knew which one we were there for. Then met up with our Technician. Jason O'pry. He spent 3 hours with us. Showing us every single little nook and cranny of our new "TT' and how everything worked. And what to check if it don't work. And answered all our questions. I had a bunch. LOL!  You really need to ask for this guy when you pick up your new rig.  He totally rocks! 

Then we were sent to meet up with Paris to go over the paper work, warranty's and sign paper work. She is a Hoot! We talked about Kids, Grand kids and Fur babies. 

Then we were went shopping for a few things Jason suggested in the Camp store with out $50 gift certificate. 

Then went back to meet up with Jason so he could show us how to "Unhook and then Hook up" the new distribution hitch and Sway control system.   As we had no clue how to work one of those.  And then told us how to work the Brake controller we had on our truck. We never used it before.  And when we were ready to go.  He opened my door and wished us well and sent us on our way. About 1:30 and made it home around 3:45

I have to say, having heard about several dealers and how they operate. We were scared to go to a dealer, especially one far away. But it turned out for the best and we could not be happier with our experience with this dealer. And we will not hesitate to take our "TT' back there if it ever needs servicing. 

Thank you so much Giant Recreation World of Winter Garden for such an awesome experience and easy transaction.  

I rely a lot on reviews to give me much needed information. So I feel it's important to give a review in return when possible, whether  it's good or bad.  You need to do reviews.  So this review is my own experience with Giant Recreation World of Winter Garden and are my own words. No one has paid me or compensated me to do this review. These words are my own!  I hope you have a wonderful experience as well.  

With that being said. I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions please drop me a comment. The comments are all moderated and have to be approved by me before being posted. If you would like a private reply. Put your email address in your email. As most are non reply. 

Thanks for stopping by!  
Next post will be some mods we are working on this weekend. 



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