Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog Update! New things to come!

Wow, can't believe its been almost a year since my last blog post.  I guess I haven't been in the posting mood since we sold our pup.

But we did take a camping trip this past July. With several family members. As we were headed to two family reunions.

One was in Iowa, and with us living in Florida. We drove in 2 cars with 7 of us.  And we stopped half way there at Baily's Point. OMG! That place is AWESOME!  Its so beautiful and your spot is over looking the lake.  We were only there 2 nights and camped in a tent.

 This is our spot, Our red truck, 10x10 canopy and 2 room tent with front screen room took every bit of this spot. I cant remember the number right now. I will look it up and add it later.

View from back of our tent at sunset. Just stunning! So want to go back here again.

Our spot is on the right, the inlaws are on the left.  The entire park was wonderful. And we used our Access passes so got it for $10 a night. 

We did do a quick few stops at Dewers Mark, Mammoth Caves, And Lincolns birth place. Wow that was a busy 2 days there.  We plan to go back there for a longer stay.

Then headed to Iowa for our 1st Family reunion with all my Husband's Mom's side.  We were there 3 nights.  We enjoyed seeing the family its been like 17 years since we seen them.

Next stop was Texas for 2nd Family reunion with Hubby's Dad's side. Again, havent seen them in about 14 years.

So we stopped in Oklahoma and camped 3 nights at Chickasaw National Park. And went to Turner falls.  Okay, Im not sure I will go back there but it was nice to see some thing out of our element. LOL!  There were snakes all over the place, scorpions walking all over the ground and while sitting by the campfire one morning. This huge Tarantula walked by. I liked of freaked and screamed like a girl. No way, No Thank you.  It was so hot in July. Luckily we were able to swim in the lake.  We camped at Buckhorn state park. Water and Electric. And used our access pass and stayed for $11 a night.

 This spot. You parked and had to walk a little to the pad. For sure not a trailer spot. LOL!  Spot 18

 Inlaws right next door on lot 17. Driveway in before the car is our spot.

And this Yucky thing is what walked by as we sat by the morning fire. My feet stayed on hubbys lap after this.

Well this was quite the trip. 4K miles from Florida stopping in 4 states, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas and back home to Florida in 13 days was a long trip. Most of the time was spent on the road. I wont do this again.

I will have a new blog post update maybe tomorrow. Trying to catch up because I hope to have lots of great things to be posting soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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