Friday, September 19, 2014

Reorganizing the New Travel Trailer

The more you go camping with a new trailer. Whether its brand new or just new to you.

Organizing it is always an issue.  So coming from a pop up that had tons of storage and going to our small travel trailer.  It has storage but its smaller compartments so it seems like its less but really it isn't. Its just spread out over more smaller places.

So when we got it.  We added a shelf to the big cabinet over the sink in the kitchen area thinking that was a good place to put all the dishes like plates, bowls, glasses and stuff.

And put the shelves in the tall cabinets on the side of the fridge for the pantry. For all the food and other stuff like coffee maker and paper plates and stuff.   Its the double cabinet on the left side of the fridge.

well, the over the sink is kind of working. Its a little tight.  Have to take a few things out to get the buckets out.   And then found that the food in the pantry on side of the fridge is on the warm side.  And the chocolate granola bars melted.  And the bread bag had steam in it.  So on our 2nd trip we decided we needed to change a few things. 

So new plan is to add more shelves to the tall cabinets on the side of fridge and move all the dishes there and one dish pan on each shelf to help contain the things.  Heat shouldn't bother the dishes.  If it does. Might consider putting in a vent in the door so we don't have to keep it open. 

And will move the food to the cabinet over the sink.  It should be fine there. 

We will keep you posted on how this works out.  

Other things we are learning is.  Where to keep the towels and sheets. Well, we had empty cabinets over the couch. And its close to the bathroom and close to the beds.  So that is where we are now storing bath towels, sheets and extra pillows.  It was too much work getting them out from under the bed. 

So now Under the bed is where we keep stuff we don't need all the time. Like the small ceramic heater, The dining table fits in there but keep it on the side of the bed.  Air mattress and extra thick comforters and stuff like that.  We don't need all the time. 

Will be also ordering a small fan for the fridge condenser mod.  Here in Florida, even when we camp in the summer in full shade. The fridge just can't keep cold. So hoping the fan on the condenser along with the battery operated blue one we have inside on the fins will help. Plan to change that out to a wired one as well later. 

Will keep ya posted on how these changes work and what else we discover.

Oh, One more tip I forgot about.  Hubby hates taking fishing poles apart.  And wants to be all rigged and ready to go wet a line when we get to our destination.  So the storage we found for that.  In the bathroom.  They ride there nice and fine during trip and can keep them safe.  Its working good. 

Until next time. 
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New blog header picture

Did you notice the new blog header picture.  Im looking to change up this page a little.  And started with a new picture.

This is the picture from our most recent trip to Sebastian Inlet State park.  Love that place. You can read about our first time there in the post below this one.  And we will be going again for 4 days this time in middle of October and can not wait.  So here is the picture I loaded from the park side of the bridge.

I added a new label to the side "Blog Header Pictures"  And will post when I change them.  This way if you want to know what my top picture is. Just click blog header pictures.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sebastian Inlet State Park Review

We just got back from our first time camping at Sebastian Inlet State park.

And have to say, We are "In Love" with this place. It reminds us of our other favorite place, Fort Desoto.

This is a little bit of a drive (3 hours) and is the farthest we have taken the Camper.  But the trip was wonderful.  We were able to take our 3 year old grandson with us for his first camping trip and he loved it. We bought him a fishing pole and taught him how to fish. He caught 2 pin fish, 2 grunt and 4 dog fish. He really enjoyed it.

We were in spot 6 which is a waterfront spot. You have a road that separates your spot from the water and its a pretty busy street as its the road to the boat ramp. So watch your little ones and pets. The sites are a little off so we had to use one yellow block under each tire on the door side. And also sits on a hill so make sure you chock it good. Spots are gravel with a little grass and fire ring and picnic table. No shade!

The park is open 24 hours a day. So someone is there around the clock if you ever need anything. And people come and go all night long to use the pier and boat ramp.  NOTE that they are doing construction under the bridge and it will be closed to fishing under the bridge in Oct.  And the Fishing museum that is on the campground is closed from this Sept 15 to Oct 1st to improve it.

The rangers are so nice, and we met some new camp host. And several neighbors came over to visit. One guy said he has been going there for over 50 years before it was even a state park.  We met another older couple that have been going there for years as well. They were in a head on crash with a semi truck last year and lost their truck and camper so this trip was their one year anniversary trip from the accident. And their 49th wedding anniversary.

There is a nice little playground on the north end of the campground for the kids to play, and place to fish down there, its by the boat ramp.

We saw several large Sea Turtles and Manates swimming in the inlet. So beautiful.

Bathrooms are clean. Camping is $28 a night or $14 a night if you're disabled. And only have 30 amp service so make sure you have a 50 to 30 reducer if you need it. And also make sure you have a surge protector. Ours kicked in one time the 3 days we were there. Same as Fort Desoto did. So be safe.

Make sure you have Gas and Food before you get there.  There are a few restaurants there but no grocery stores. We gpsed a Walmart and its about 16 miles away so went there. There is also other places on route 1 like publix, subway and other stuff. Gas is also cheaper by the walmart,  It was about 10 cents a gallon cheaper at the BP, Shell and walmart the it was in Vero and Melburn. Use gasbuddy app to check gas prices. If your needing gas immediately after you get to the campground then just cross the bridge and about 8 miles up the road is a small convenience store with gas but expensive.

Here are some more pictures of the trip.   Slide show Sebastian Inlet

We loved it so much we checked to see what was available in Oct so yep. We are going back this trip will be 4 days. That is all we could get open last minute. As the northerners are booking it up. They are changing the way you can book for 2015.  You can only book total of 8 weeks in a 6 month Period and you can only be in a spot for 2 weeks, leave one day and next spot 2 weeks and so on.

We took a drive over the bridge to Long Point county park and have to say, It was nice but not our kind of camping.  I was a little put off by the man at the desk. I walked in, said, "Hello, We are staying at the state park". And his reply was. "Im so sorry"  that put me off because we love state parks. So he handed me a map and said, to drive around. so we did, and decided we did not like it.  Yes, there is grass and you park right at the water, but you will be lucky to get one with a opening to fish.  And we also noticed that you share a post with electric and water meaning, the post is in between two spots. So you would have to make sure you get a spot on the left so you dont have to run your lines around to the other side.  And the water looks to be brackish water compared to the ocean water at the state park.  The fee here is $32 a night and NO Discounts! So I can tell you, we WONT be staying at Long Point. Its just not our kind of place.

Until next camping trip.  Get out and enjoy the cooler weather coming up.  Happy Camping!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Got Travel Trailer Back From Shop! Next Trips Booked!

We went and picked up the Travel Trailer.. Man, we have missed seeing it in the driveway when we pull up.

They repaired the slide and put all new shear pins in and all looked good. So they pushed the button to bring it in and out and after the 3rd time.  All shear pins broke again.  So replaced all and tried again.  And after 3 times in and out. Same thing happened.

So they called Forest River and made a suggestion to drill bigger holes that would allow it to accept a heavier shear pin.  They did that and tested it and it all seems to be working good.  We will give it a try on our next Camping trip coming up in 3 weeks.

They also replaces the bad LED light and cover that cracked when it fell out while on the road.  And also had to order a whole new entertainment system as they could not get the DVD player to work.  So we will be testing that out on our next trip I'm sure.  As we will be taking our 3 1/2 year old grandson camping for the first time and he just loves watching the "Disney Cars Movie".  So you know we had to get that fixed before we took him. LOL!

We go camping at Sebastian Inlet state park in about 3 weeks. We have never been there and it will be our farthest trip yet. Fort Desoto is the only place we have camped at.  So this will be exciting. f

Our next trip is even farther.  We booked a week at Anastasia State Park for April 2015 for our 30th Anniversary and cant wait.  I have lived in Florida all my 47 years and never been to St. Augustine so we really looking forward to it.

Until next check in, Camp On!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Travel Trailer Is In The Shop (for one month now)

Boy how things change!

We had booked our first trip out in our new travel trailer when we bought her home in Feb. So we have been waiting 4 months to go on our first trip.  So here comes June.  And we are so excited to camp at our favorite place. Fort Desoto for a week.

We check in on Sunday June 15 so hubby goes out on Wednesday to turn on the fridge so we can make sure its cool enough to put food in before we leave.  He also put out the slide. And hears this noise and next thing you know. Hubby runs in and says, We have a big problem with the travel trailer.  I run out and what do I see.

The bottom of the slide was all the way out and the top was leaned all the way in. We went inside to push the top out to level it and try and get it to come in, and no go.  We tried the manual hand crank and no go.

 This has caused a lot of damage. The wood trim on the sides of the slide at the bottom have been pulled away from the frame, the metal frame the slide slides on is all bent. The support brackets are bent. And the wheel well is bent inside under the couch.

So I get on the phone and call our dealer, they try and walk us though getting it back in several different ways.  And nothing worked. So they said, you can not take it out of the yard with the slide stuck out.  And we are to far from you. So call RV world of Lakeland as they are closer to you. ( we tried to buy this same trailer from them but they didn't have any so had to go to Winter garden by Orlando).

Okay, so I called them, they were very nice and helpful on the phone. They gave me the number to a Mobile RV guy.  I called him, and he couldnt come out Thursday as he was booked. And he took Friday off to go camping. Guess where.  Fort Desoto, LOL!  Okay, so he says, well, we will run out to you Friday morning and see if we can get the slide in so you can go camping as well.  So they come out and tried and tried and took them little over 2 hours to get the slide back in, had to use a crow bar to jump the teeth on the gears to go back in the track, but the track was bent already so they had to manually force it in by rocking it.  Now that it was in, we cut 2x4's to support it so it wont come out while traveling.  Mobile RV coming out cost me $395 for 2 hours.  I faxed the bill over to Forest River ( They bought out Coachman) and they told me, they would reimburse me as there was no other way to get the slide in and to the shop. So on a good note, with in 2 weeks, I had my refund back.  Yay! Forest River.

Next, Called RV World of Lakeland, They said, it would be fine to take on our camping trip that weekend for the next week, just cant use the slide.  And we will be back on Friday so they gave us an appointment to take it to them and have the work done.

Sunday comes, we leave for Fort Desoto, checked in, set up was so much easier with the travel trailer then the pop up.  Man, we don't miss it so much now.  We enjoyed our week there. We just love this place.  We took out 2 little dogs, this was their first time.  And they loved it.  Working on their barking, hope they get better the more they go.   We tried every thing in the camper to make sure it all worked.  And every thing went well.   But did have 2 things to add to the list.

1.  Slide to be Fixed.
2. DVD player wont play DVD's
3. LED light in ceiling. One is dimmer then the rest and the frosted glass light cover keeps falling out during travel.

After enjoying our week. We leave Friday morning and head over to RV World and drop it off.

A week goes by, and we run out to get husbands Cochlear ear implant batteries he forgot.  And went inside and they were already working on all 3 things.  All the light covers were off.  The entertainment center was all apart and on the counter and they were working on the slide.

Turns out. the problem with the slide is.  There is a stop button on the track and it was not in the right position and it allowed the slide to go past the stopping position, which caused it to jump the track and messed every thing up.

They called to tell me, they have to order the parts from the factory and will take a month.  Its now been in the shop 3 weeks.  And no word yet on when we will get it back.  I hope we get it back before our next booked trip.  Going to Sebastian Inlet on the other side of Florida. Never been there so if we dont have our trailer. I guess we will be going in our tent.

Now, we are upset that this happend, but really, what can we say, its all covered under warranty, this is the reason we bought new. So things would be covered.  And from what I understand.  Any Pop up (PUP), Travel Trailer (TT),  Fifth Wheel (5'er) or Motor Home  (All these qualify as a RV which stands for Recreation Vehicle)  that you buy that has a warranty.  Make sure you use the heck out of it before your warranty is up just so you can get the bugs worked out and fixed under warranty.  So this is what we are doing.

Until next update!
Happy Camping.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Travel Trailer Sign!

I made a new sign for our new Travel Trailer.   This one is more simple then the last one I made for our pup. It was bulky and made from wood and big pvc.

This one is simple and light, easy to put to store.

I bought the sign (poly corrugated plastic sign) it was about $5 and is size 18 x 14. Its in the hardware section where the yard sale signs are.   I cut the decal myself.

What you need is.
1 sign
1/2 pvc 2 cut at 30 inches and one cut at 21 inches.
2 -1/2 PVC T's
2 pieces of 1 inch PVC cut at 8 inches
2 1 inch Caps
2 Grommets (Front and Back) and setter tool
2 screw in hooks
4 1 inch Pole holder brackets
8 each Nuts, Bolts and 16 washers.

Put the T's on the 2 30inch pieces and connect the 21 inch piece in the middle.  No glue needed, Just tap them together.   Then put the caps on the 8 inch pieces.

With your frame together, hold it up to the propane cover, make sure to mount to the back. And mark where you need to drill the holes for the pole holder.  I had to hammer the brackets a little so it would fit the curve. I mounted them where the cap sits in the grove so the pole sits flush. Use the bolts, nuts, washers for hold these.  And make sure to put the flat head inside so it don't interfere with the propane tanks.

I picked up 2 small solar lights at dollar tree and they fit nice and snug in the 1/2 inch pipe.  Hang sign on the hooks screwed in the top pipe.

And that is it.  Very easy, Light and you just take the lights off, the sign off, and pull the frame out and pull the center pipe out.  use a rubber band to hold the 3 pipes together and store in your camper or storage area.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

RV Sewer Hose Storage Mod

We ran into a little issue with loading the new TT this past week.  We bought the Rhino Flex sewer hose kit.  and the connectors do not fit in the bumper on the TT.  And we do not want to have to disconnect them all every time we use them and worry about loosing one.

So I did some searching and found this mod done by "Adventures with the Visa"   and the hubby and I liked the looks of this mod so went to Lowes today and picked up every thing to do it.

This is what you need:

Gatehouse Arborley 5x5x96 White Fence Post $24.97  #17708(Outside in the garden fence section)
Genova 4 1/2 inch White Vinyl Gutter $6.47 #12066 (Inside lumber section)
1 Gatehouse 5x5 White Pyramid Post Top $ 3.10  # 87410 (With the post in garden section)
1 Fiberon 4x4 White Composite Post Cap $1.98  #100437 (With the post in garden section)
2 USP1 1/4 x 24 inch Light Capacity Strap $1.53 Each #51572 (Across from vinyl gutters)

Total $39.58 (for items above) 

Other things needed: 2 small eyes screws , self tapping galvanized screws with rubber washers, self tapping small screws, a clip (white one in picture) and small bungee cord.  I had all these things at the house so didn't add to the cost.

Tools used, Drill, Screwdriver, nut driver, hack saw, measuring tape, square, vice

In this picture, I took the 1 1/4 x 24 inch metal trapping and I found the center at 12 inches then marked 2.5 inches to both sides of center. This will give you the 5 inches you need to go around the fence post. I drew the lines then put the strap in my vice and bent it over and did the other side.

Your bracket could look like this when bent on the lines. This will now go around the 5x5 fence post and up to the 4x4 bumper. This is the only place we could find to mount this.  It wouldn't fit on the top of the bumper as it hide part of the licence plate and blocked the water heater vent door. So under the bumper it went. Still have good ground clearance. It don't hang any lower then the grey and black drains so it should be fine.

  I actually added more bends to one side of this after this. To add a bend where the 5x5 fence post ended it sticks out 1 inch from the bumper so I just bent it at 5 inches up and then bent again 1 inch up.  So the bracket sits flush with the white fence post and then flat with the bumper. (Excuse the pvc with the green foam noodle, the canoe is sitting on that. And its right behind the Travel Trailer)

Also the U bracket with the black bar is for the Portable Cloths line. We had to make sure it was in place before we added the fence post.

Next I cut a 3/4 wood dowel at 3 3/4 inches, then found a piece of 3/4 pvc in the shed. And cut it at 3 3/4 inches.  And the wood dowel slides right inside the PVC.  Now, what you do with this is.  You take your vinyl gutter and cut it to fit in the fence post.  Then you take one of these (Wood dowel and PVC) and you place it on the end of the vinyl gutter along with the small post cap.  Use a pair of pliers to hold the pvc dowel while you screw it in as it will want to turn.

Screw the Eye screws in near the top of the side of the fence post and attach your small bungee cord to the eyes.  Then take some kind of clip. I used a white plastic clip you use to hole wire shelves. Just cut the prong off the back and used a small machine bolt with a washer and nut to attach it.  Then you just hook the bungee to the clip. To take off, just pull the bungee off the clip and slide up and pull out drawer.

Attach the larger cap on the other end with screws. It will be closed all the time. So nothing slides out.

NOTE: If you plan to use the left over space in the gutter. Then get 2 of the small caps.  And make sure to put eye screws and bungee on that end as well.  We may do this later if we think we need an extender hose.

Finished Sliding sewer hose drawer

The second pvc dowel we screwed in at the end of the hose so it acts as a stopper so the hose cant slide all the way down.  This is the finished sliding sewer hose drawer.  The Rhino Flex with 90 degree clear adapter, and the hole adapter.  In the little box are disposable gloves.

Hope you enjoyed this very handy mod. Any questions email me.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Travel Trailer Storage Mod Part 1

With our new travel trailer being on the small side.  It has very little storage.  Here is a picture of the kitchen area. 

So I started with the Kitchen cabinet over the sink. Its pretty good size 16x16x31.  But why didn't they put a shelf in there. 

So I went to Walmart and got a Expandable shelf for $7.46.  And the legs are short so what I did was cut 6 pieces of PVC to the length of 8 inches. (only 4 in picture)  I used my grinder to make a little cut out for the wire to sit in. To hold it more stable. 

Here is the finished shelf.  It now sits half way in the middle of the height of the cabinet. 

And here is the cabinet loaded.   The white dish pans work great for holding all the small bowls with lids and all the plastic glasses.  This shelf allowed me to add more stuff to this cabinet.

In the bathroom.  We have a medicine cabinet and a very small cabinet under the sink but its only big enough to hold toilet paper.  And I was worried about forgetting to put some thing away and it would be falling all over the place.  So this works perfect in the bathroom.  I got a canvas with mesh pockets hanging shoe organizer at Walmart for about $9.  

These are called Pop toggles and worked perfect for the walls in the Travel trailer.  They hold 50lbs.  I very carefully drilled the 5/16 holes using no force, Didn't push at all. I was afraid of going though the outside wall.  So I drilled the hole (didn't see any daylight)  and inserted these and then screwed the organizer in the toggles.

This is the cabinet under the sink,  It don't hold much, but on the top shelf on the left, I got all the flat cookie sheet, trays and electric griddle.  On the right is just a bucket of other stuff I dont know what to do with yet.
On the bottom left, if the pots and pans and lids.  On the right is very small and only the Lysol wipes and dish soap fit there.  The drawer above is a Real Drawer.  And it has all the silverware in there.  The rest of the cooking utensils are in the top drawer to the left of the oven.  And foil and zippy bags are in the second drawer.

This is all for now.  Have to work on the front outside storage next.  We have a mod planned for that soon. 

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Carport Mod for the new Travel Trailer!

With the new TT in the driveway.  Our 2010 F150 wouldn't fit.   So had to park it on the side yard with the 1995 F150.   

So the plan was to see if we could raise the carport roof to get the TT under it.  Now, Let me tell you,  It all seemed easy. But it was so much work.  We worked on it all day last Saturday, and got the front low carport removed.  That gave us 10 feet. 

 But the goal was to get the TT under the roof.  So we had some trouble with the main part on one side. The side that was attached to the Eve.  We had a new roof put on first week of January and they put a new wider drip edge on, and it over lapped the last pan.   We tried all day Saturday to get it out, But it wouldn't go. So we cut it in half and pulled it out.  Then we had to use the old truck, pulled under the awning. Used a high lift jack in the back of the truck.  And a pole to jack the roof up high enough to get the new 11 foot pole in.  Then  did the other side. And got it all screwed in.  And then came the moment of truth to see if she fit.  And she did.  Finally sunday night.  We were able to park her under the car port.  

This weekend.  We spent all day yesterday, Putting in the last pan we ordered from "Broke and Poor" (Mobile Home accessory place) The new 14'6 pan was $24 and we decided to add a couple more support poles to the side and roof.  We plan to put up white plastic lattice on the side. Several mobile homes on our street have it and it looks nice.   So to day, we finished it up.  By putting the front gutter on and the downspouts and then I pressure washed the carport and the travel trailer. Hubby moved the leaves and dirt was all over her.  

It was a lot of work, but so glad we did it and she is now protected. Some day we will enclose the side.  

But now we  have the front low awning left and we plan to build a deck on the front of the mobile home and put the awning up over the door.  That will be later in the year. 


Friday, February 21, 2014

Giant Recreation World Review! Winter Garden, Florida

And how we got to be the owners of a new Travel Trailer. 

The hubby and I have been looking for the perfect TT (Travel Trailer) now that we decided we were not going the route of the HTT (Hybrid Travel Trailer).   Read post before this one to see the "TT" we bought. 

We looked up different Manufactures and looked at hundreds of floor plans.  And the hard part was knowing what we wanted and trying to find all those things in one layout.  Its like buying a house and having a list of must haves and what your willing to give up.  It works the same way with a "TT". So get your list ready.  Have no more then 3 floor plans in mind. And go see them in person, this is real important to know the feel of the size and layout.  And most important.  KNOW WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU GO! So you aren't talked in to something else. 

So here is our "Must Have"  and "Prefer to Have" List:

Must be under 23 feet total length (Box, bumper and hitch) to fit in our driveway and ease of towing. And still get into ALL the state park spots. And the last minute smaller spots. 

Must have Dedicated bed (Walk Around) so no climbing over or bumping head on over head bunk.

Must be light weight (Under 6000 lbs loaded) for ease of towing and not kill out gas mileage.

Must have "Full Length Awning"  It just drives me nuts that you have these 28 foot travel trailers and they only have a 14 foot awning. Didn't matter if it was power or manual. 
Prefer :Double Fridge ( We camp for a week at a time so this will be handy)

Prefer: 3 burner stove with Oven (Hey, we like fresh made biscuits with gravy when we camp and was using a Coleman camp oven. it worked but this is better)

Prefer: Double or large one section sink.  (Just handy but not a deal breaker) 

Prefer: Couch or U shaped Dinette over booth (but not a deal breaker) 

So with our list ready to go.  We decided on the 2014 Coachman (Forest River) Freedom Express 192 RBS.  It fit EVERYTHING on our list.  So now the search began. 

(Note: This is a stock picture of the specs and layout of the standard 192 RBS. The 50th Anniversary Edition is a little heavier and the Fresh water tank is 49 gallong /300 lbs full, Gray and Black are 32 and 34) 

We searched all the local dealers in our area.  Lazydays, Tampa RV (Used to be Bates), Camping world of Tampa (Used to be Longview) Camping World of Bartow (Used to be Dusty's RV) and Lakeland RV.  Lakeland RV was the only one with some in their Internet Inventory. I emailed them just to find out the 3 they had were already sold.  So I started searching outside my area. Which we found our area is pretty high in price as outside our area is better priced. 

When I do a internet search, I Google "RV dealers" in my area.  Then turn the map to satellite view and look at how big the dealer lot is. This will tell you how much inventory they carry and gives you lots of choices to look at.  verses going to a small dealer and only having a few to look at.  Then I do a Google search for the dealers name with "Reviews" in the search. Just to see what people are saying. You can't go 100% off of those. But it will give you a idea what to be on the watch for while your there. 

So this lead me to Giant Recreation world in Winter Garden about 1.5 hours from me.  They had 2 on their lot and low and behold. They were 50th Anniversary Editions.  That was a BONUS! I wasn't even looking for one.  This is a picture of their lot. Look at all that inventory and look how big the main building is. Main building is sales and inside showroom, and camping supply store. On the side is the service bays. 

 So we were going to head out to their lot on Saturday, but found out, they were going to be at the Ocala RV show that weekend (Feb 8,2014) which is about 2 hours away. So just went there thinking they would have it there. It was storming so bad that day but we were on a mission.  And got soaking wet.  We get there. And the first sales guy we came to was James Scott, we tell him we are looking for a 2014 Coachman Freedom Express 192 RBS. He says, they didn't bring that one, it's on their lot.  So he picks up his cell phone and tries to call Mark Scott at the Winter Garden store but can't get him so I said, send him a text. Letting him know we were headed back that direction.  He did just that and as we pulled up in the lot we were greeted and taken right to the "TT'.  Hubby and I looked it over and agree, that is it!  So we head inside, he gives me a price, I didn't like it and he comes back with a price we are happy with, Signed some papers. And in 30 minutes we were in there and out of there.  No Pressure!  It was awesome. 

So we had to wait for all the paper work to get in order and since we live almost 2 hours away. We couldn't get back out there till the following Saturday. Which was perfect because we decided to have the Duratain protection put on. 

So now, its following Saturday. We leave home at 7am and get there just at 9am.  And we are greeted at the door and everyone there knew which one we were there for. Then met up with our Technician. Jason O'pry. He spent 3 hours with us. Showing us every single little nook and cranny of our new "TT' and how everything worked. And what to check if it don't work. And answered all our questions. I had a bunch. LOL!  You really need to ask for this guy when you pick up your new rig.  He totally rocks! 

Then we were sent to meet up with Paris to go over the paper work, warranty's and sign paper work. She is a Hoot! We talked about Kids, Grand kids and Fur babies. 

Then we were went shopping for a few things Jason suggested in the Camp store with out $50 gift certificate. 

Then went back to meet up with Jason so he could show us how to "Unhook and then Hook up" the new distribution hitch and Sway control system.   As we had no clue how to work one of those.  And then told us how to work the Brake controller we had on our truck. We never used it before.  And when we were ready to go.  He opened my door and wished us well and sent us on our way. About 1:30 and made it home around 3:45

I have to say, having heard about several dealers and how they operate. We were scared to go to a dealer, especially one far away. But it turned out for the best and we could not be happier with our experience with this dealer. And we will not hesitate to take our "TT' back there if it ever needs servicing. 

Thank you so much Giant Recreation World of Winter Garden for such an awesome experience and easy transaction.  

I rely a lot on reviews to give me much needed information. So I feel it's important to give a review in return when possible, whether  it's good or bad.  You need to do reviews.  So this review is my own experience with Giant Recreation World of Winter Garden and are my own words. No one has paid me or compensated me to do this review. These words are my own!  I hope you have a wonderful experience as well.  

With that being said. I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions please drop me a comment. The comments are all moderated and have to be approved by me before being posted. If you would like a private reply. Put your email address in your email. As most are non reply. 

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Next post will be some mods we are working on this weekend. 



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Coachman Freedom Express 192RBS 50th Anniversary Edition

I posted big things were coming!  Well, they have. And this past Saturday we picked up our new Travel Trailer.

Are you as shocked as I am?

Remember we sold our totally renovated pup. The 1985 Coleman Chesapeake. We loved that old girl. And have been really missing her. Used that money to upgrade out (TV) Tow Vehicle so we could get a Hybrid. And for the past year and half. We have been debating which one to get. The Jayco 23B or the Roo 21SS.

So a couple weeks ago, January, we went to the huge RV Super show at the Florida State Fair grounds. Just to see these two models.  Well, both were there.  And hubby decides he don't like either of them. And so me in total shock, we head out of that dealer and he comes a cross this Coleman 194QB and fell in love with it. But I was still in shock from going there to get a Hybrid and him changing his mind. So we by passed it, then on the way out he finds this Tracer 235AIR. This was bigger then all of them. We some how got to the point of almost signing the papers and for some reason I couldn't do it. So we left.

Head home, discussing how we got from HTT to TT.  And I guess I can see his point. Its just us 2 so we really dont need all the extra sleeping space.  So the plan changes and we spend hours now searching hundreds of floor plans. And looking for a small one under 23 feet. This is no easy job when your looking for a great floor plan. And decided we loved the floor plan of the Coachman 192RBS and started calling, and everyone we found online had been sold. So found two at Giant Recreation World in Winter Garden, Fl. 1.5 hours away.

So we find out, they will be at the Ocala RV show. 2 horus away.  Last minute Friday night, we decide to get up and run over to the RV show to see these in person. And guess what. They didn't bring them. So we left there and back tracked to the dealer. We were there for only 30 mins. And decided, This one was it and got the paper work started.  And a week later we picked her up.

How do you know if the one your looking at online is a 50th Anniversary? Look at the front on either side of the TT.  Where you see Coachman.  If you see just Coachman, its a regular model.  If you see Coachman, then a brown line with the words 50th Anniversary Edition, then this has every available option. Here is a picture of the front of mine.  Not a great picture, but you can see where its dark under Coachman.

This is the floor plan.

Now! If you are looking for this model. You need to pay attention to if your buying a First run 2014 or 2nd run 2014.  I say this because. The first 2014 were not made with the 50th Anniversary upgrades.  And you could be paying the same for a lesser model.  So the specs above from the website are for the Original 192RBS.  The weight of mine changed to 3858, so of course my Cargo changed to 2000. Which is still a ton of cargo weight. The fresh water tank changed to 49 gallons and now weighs 300 lbs full. And the Gray and Black tank changed to 32 and 34 gallons. So these changes are what makes up for the increased Base rate. But still the camper will weigh 5900 full if you use all the 2000 cargo.

This is what is in the Anniversary package!

Loving that it has the LED lights though out the inside. In the middle of the room, Over the sink, Over the couch, Over the bed, in the bathroom, under the front step, In the front storage. (the LED lights run from one side to the other) Outside light and Runs along the 14 foot Awning. Totally awesome. saves on battery power. Also in the front Storage, Make sure you bend over and look up! The 24 x 48 white resin outdoor table is strapped to the top of the front storage area.  Also not on this list is the upgraded AC, most come with 135000 BTU but this one has 15000 BTU, this will come in handy with this hot heat here in Florida. Also this one does not have a crank for the 24 inch flat screen like most do. This one has a Roof mounted stationary low profile Antenna with a Booster. So no messing with it or worrying about leaving it up.

There is a nice Coleman gas grill that slides in the side. But I think I'm going to take this off (it is removable) because we only cook in our 10 x 10 screen room.  And think I will replace this with some thing else. I will blog post about that when I get to it. Have other mods to do first.

This is the back side. You can see the small slide. I love the small slide because it only slides out 18 inches. So you do not have to worry about parking 5 feet from anything on that side. Also because its small. When slide in, You still have a ton of room inside. And can still access every thing, bed, bathroom, fridge sink and stove. You don't even have to put it out if you don't want to.

 This is the kitchen with 24 inch flat screen that pulls out and swivels to the bed or the couch. Am/FM/DVD surround sound system with USB and MP3 hook ups. This system even has an alarm clock built in. You can select, A, B or C or all at one time. A for outside speaker, B for Over the bed and C for over couch area. Then you have storage and cabinets, little counter top, 3 burner stove with oven (if you go to dollar tree, and get their small cookie sheet, it fits perfect in this oven for making biscuits and stuff). Then built in Microwave with over stove hood. And Double Stone cast sink with high neck faucet. That section right under the sink with two knobs. That actually pulls out and has a silverware divider in there. How cool is that? Those frosted glass disc above the kitchen are the LED lights.

This is the Bathroom door, 50th anniversary clock, And the slide.  You can see the surround sound under the cabinet. And the Pattern is Truffle.

View from front of trailer. By the bed. You can see the Double 6 cubic feet Fridge and Freezer in the back by the door. Kitchen pantry is on the left of the fridge, Bathroom is on the right.
Slide in, couch comes to edge of the clock. So you can see how much room you still have.

Bathroom, Pretty basic here.

And this is view from back of camper where the entry door is. Looking at the Queen walk around bed with underneath storage.

So this is our new Travel Trailer. We love this and think its perfect for us two and if needed, the couch is a Jack Knife sofa to sleep someone.

We paid almost $10K under the MSRP price posted on this camper and think we got a good deal, So it was basically the price of the Base model.   And also we had the DuraTain coating added to the Inside, Roof, Awning, Side body and the underbelly so its fully protected from the elements.

Currently looking for some weekend local camping sites to test every thing out, but every thing is booked till June.  So just booked 5 nights at Fort Desoto in June. But still looking for a weekender or two in the mean time.

Until next post.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog Update! New things to come!

Wow, can't believe its been almost a year since my last blog post.  I guess I haven't been in the posting mood since we sold our pup.

But we did take a camping trip this past July. With several family members. As we were headed to two family reunions.

One was in Iowa, and with us living in Florida. We drove in 2 cars with 7 of us.  And we stopped half way there at Baily's Point. OMG! That place is AWESOME!  Its so beautiful and your spot is over looking the lake.  We were only there 2 nights and camped in a tent.

 This is our spot, Our red truck, 10x10 canopy and 2 room tent with front screen room took every bit of this spot. I cant remember the number right now. I will look it up and add it later.

View from back of our tent at sunset. Just stunning! So want to go back here again.

Our spot is on the right, the inlaws are on the left.  The entire park was wonderful. And we used our Access passes so got it for $10 a night. 

We did do a quick few stops at Dewers Mark, Mammoth Caves, And Lincolns birth place. Wow that was a busy 2 days there.  We plan to go back there for a longer stay.

Then headed to Iowa for our 1st Family reunion with all my Husband's Mom's side.  We were there 3 nights.  We enjoyed seeing the family its been like 17 years since we seen them.

Next stop was Texas for 2nd Family reunion with Hubby's Dad's side. Again, havent seen them in about 14 years.

So we stopped in Oklahoma and camped 3 nights at Chickasaw National Park. And went to Turner falls.  Okay, Im not sure I will go back there but it was nice to see some thing out of our element. LOL!  There were snakes all over the place, scorpions walking all over the ground and while sitting by the campfire one morning. This huge Tarantula walked by. I liked of freaked and screamed like a girl. No way, No Thank you.  It was so hot in July. Luckily we were able to swim in the lake.  We camped at Buckhorn state park. Water and Electric. And used our access pass and stayed for $11 a night.

 This spot. You parked and had to walk a little to the pad. For sure not a trailer spot. LOL!  Spot 18

 Inlaws right next door on lot 17. Driveway in before the car is our spot.

And this Yucky thing is what walked by as we sat by the morning fire. My feet stayed on hubbys lap after this.

Well this was quite the trip. 4K miles from Florida stopping in 4 states, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas and back home to Florida in 13 days was a long trip. Most of the time was spent on the road. I wont do this again.

I will have a new blog post update maybe tomorrow. Trying to catch up because I hope to have lots of great things to be posting soon.

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