Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Spring Garden!

It's been a rough start for the garden with this crazy Florida weather we have been having.

I loved our raised beds we did the past two years.  But they were falling apart so we took them apart and burned the wood.  And finally got the tiller running after taking it all a part and cleaning the carburetor.  It is running like brand new.  So we just tilled the soil from the raised boxes in to the ground.  And this year are doing rows in the ground.

I love the raised boxes better, but hubby likes in the ground. I think because this allows him to play with the tiller. LOL!  You can see our little chihuahua following him right at the bottom of his feet. Daddy cant go any where with out Bandit. LOL!

So we got the ground all tilled in January and let it sit for a few weeks.  Then re-tilled it before we put the plants in.  We are trying a weedless garden this year.  And it seems we do noting but fight weeds and feed bugs. LOL!   

Went to Sams and bought this Preen landscape fabric for $29 for 225 feet. Its a huge roll and did the whole garden and still have some left. 

We started a few things from seed to see how well they did. And they did pretty good.  So instead of putting directly in ground. We will start in trays for now on.  

We started the garden 3 weeks ago when it was nice and warm.  But we had some crazy frost come though and stuff we put directly in ground has not come up yet.  Since it will be in the 80's all week, I'm am hoping they come up.  If not by Friday,  then on Saturday we will reseed.  And thin out if others happen to come up. 

I used a program called Garden Planner to make this picture. But come to find out its only free for 15 days then its $24 to activate it.  So forget that.  Im looking for another totally free one to use.  Any ideas please share.

You can see the section of our garden is only about 1/3 of our yard.  We have almost 1/2 acre. The 3 things in the middle are two sheds with a connector roof for the riding mower.  The larger shed is 10ft x 14ft and we are working on making one of our screen porches (long white section on the bottom left of the picture) enclosed to use as a shed. And get rid of this larger one to have more garden space.

I still have a few things in trays that aren't ready to transplant yet.  So I will update as things start taking off in the next few weeks.  But for now.  Here is a slide show of the garden as it is right now.

That's all for now.  I will update with more pictures at things come up.

Thanks for stopping by!

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