Thursday, March 14, 2013

Still Camperless!

As most of you know.  We sold our Renovated 85 Coleman Chesapeake back in July, Right after our last camping trip.

We decided, although we loved our (NEW) pup after all the work we put in to it. That it was just to much work for the Hubby and I.  We both have a lot of medical issues and it just seemed to get harder and harder every time we took it out.  On the last trip after setting up. We said, Yep, this is its last trip with us.  So we put her up for sale on craigslist and sold her in 3 days for asking price.

So then the decision came, do we buy a new camper and try and make our old 1985 Ford F150 pull it after it has already have one transmission replaced and one tranny repair done a few years back. If so, we really risked hurting it and would have to add a oil cooler and tranny cooler and brake controller and update the plug.  Well after long thought,  Hubby said, Well, you don't drive much any more and your 09 Dodge Journey we bought new in 08 we have had for 4 years and only has 21K miles on it.  So lets trade it for a new truck to pull the camper.  I was okay with that.  I mean, I don't drive much and hubby hated the car and drove his old F150 to work every day.   So off to Jarrett Ford we went and bought what we were looking for. And used the sold pup money for downpayment on his beauty.

Yep, It's another Ford F150. LOL!  This one is a 2010 F150 Super Crew 4x4 with v8 and the total tow package we need for a travel trailer.  You can see the 95 F150 sitting next to the new one.  This one is alot bigger. We have a thing for red trucks, We now have two red F150's, My son has a red GMC Sierra Stepside and my daughter has a red Equinox. We bought the new one in July 2012.  Im sure this was the right decision instead of trying to force the old truck to pull the TT.

So here we are March 2013 (8 months later) and totally love the new truck.  We had hoped to have a new Camper TT or HTT by now.  But you know how finances go. And we dont want to take on to much.   So we are trying to pay off a few things and save up a deposit so we can enjoy a new camper.  We can have for many years and really enjoy with out having to fix one up. I'm totally over that!  

Every day, we both find ourselves searching craigslist just to see whats out there, what make and models we like.  And we think we have narrowed our search down to two. For the time being, LOL!  We hope to have one of these by end of the year for by early next spring before summer 2014 gets here.

We have decided we really love the hybrids because we will still have the canvas feel of camping.  And we wanted some thing not to small and not to big so think going with some thing around 24 feet will be perfect and still sleep several for when the kids and grandkids go with up.   I will list "OUR" Pro's and Con's under each picture.

We are really in love with these two.  Jayco Feather X23B
Perfect length, Front door, Double sink, Double door fridge. (Same as the Roo)
Lots of storage in kitchen area.
Has a slide to make inside feel bigger.
Love the Front U dinette (Bigger sitting area and can be used as bed when "Turtled") great for winter camping with all beds closed and just use dinette as bed and bring a small table to put in front of couch.
And will still feel roomy inside if we leave the front bed up when just the two of us.
2 Queen beds
If completey closed up, You can still use the camper. Dinette and couch.

Because of the canvas. We are afraid our yappy chi and mini dachshund will annoy the neighbor when left inside.

We are scared of Front end water damage. I read so much about this. But with a new one, shouldn't be a issue for a while and as long and we keep the seal in good shape. We should be okay right?

And this one: Rockwood Roo 23 RS

Perfect length, Front door, Double sink, Double door fridge.
We like this one because no front bed so don't have to worry about water damage.
Love the front double bed and twin up top. Great for storage or Bikes for the grand-kids.
King Size slide out
Since no canvas. Dog's wouldn't hear every little noise
Full size bathroom with tub.

The major con on this one is.  If the bed is not pushed out. Then you cant use the couch or dinette. Im not sure how much of a issue this would be. As since no canvas, Camping in the winter the bed would be out.
And would have to fold up and fold down dinette and couch every time.

But other then that, we like it as well.

I know Jayco has one close to this one the Jayco Feather X213,  its about the same but has two twin beds up front. I think the full would be better option for adults we have camping with us. Then using the couch.

So if you have either of these.  Comment and tell my your Pro's and Con's of each.  Or is there another brand close to these two out there.

Let me know what you think,  we still have several months of thinking so not in any hurry.  But Im really leaning towards the X23B. LOL!


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