Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Long Time No Post!

Wow, It has been a while since I posted.  A lot has changed.

We did go on your camping trip to Fort desoto and it was awesome as always.  We had sever thunder storms all 6 days.  Most of the beach got washed a way.  The whole north point we used to go to was GONE!.  Just so sad.

While setting up camp.  We made the decision, its just to much work for us with both of us having several health issues.  So we put our Vintage 1985 totally restored pup up for sale and it sold in 3 days.  We sold it for $3000.  And was going to use that to buy a small travel trailer.

But found out that our old 1995 F 150 really couldn't handle the added weight.  It was having a hard time with the pup. As it is on its 2nd rebuilt tranny.  So we made the decision to use that $3k to buy a newer truck that could handle the weight of the trailer and it came with all the added benefits of having the tranny and oil cooler, 4x4, 7 way plug and the added break system. We bought a 2010 F150 4x4 crew cab. And we love it.  

Well, the plan was to sell our boat to now use that to get a camper, but boats just dont sell as fast as pop ups and campers do.  So here it is January, And still no camper and dont look like we will have one any time soon.  I miss camping so much and often think I should not have sold the pup.  But yet, think about how much work it was for us. And know we made the right decision.  Just have to give it some time and we will have a camper one day.

As for the garden. We didn't do a fall garden, and let me tell you, that thing grew out of hand.  All the raised beds had to be taken down, its been 2 years growing and they were falling apart.  So pulled all those down, and now working on plowing the garden.  And hope to have it planted in late Feb.

Will Keep yall posted on how the garden goes.