Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Spring Garden!

It's been a rough start for the garden with this crazy Florida weather we have been having.

I loved our raised beds we did the past two years.  But they were falling apart so we took them apart and burned the wood.  And finally got the tiller running after taking it all a part and cleaning the carburetor.  It is running like brand new.  So we just tilled the soil from the raised boxes in to the ground.  And this year are doing rows in the ground.

I love the raised boxes better, but hubby likes in the ground. I think because this allows him to play with the tiller. LOL!  You can see our little chihuahua following him right at the bottom of his feet. Daddy cant go any where with out Bandit. LOL!

So we got the ground all tilled in January and let it sit for a few weeks.  Then re-tilled it before we put the plants in.  We are trying a weedless garden this year.  And it seems we do noting but fight weeds and feed bugs. LOL!   

Went to Sams and bought this Preen landscape fabric for $29 for 225 feet. Its a huge roll and did the whole garden and still have some left. 

We started a few things from seed to see how well they did. And they did pretty good.  So instead of putting directly in ground. We will start in trays for now on.  

We started the garden 3 weeks ago when it was nice and warm.  But we had some crazy frost come though and stuff we put directly in ground has not come up yet.  Since it will be in the 80's all week, I'm am hoping they come up.  If not by Friday,  then on Saturday we will reseed.  And thin out if others happen to come up. 

I used a program called Garden Planner to make this picture. But come to find out its only free for 15 days then its $24 to activate it.  So forget that.  Im looking for another totally free one to use.  Any ideas please share.

You can see the section of our garden is only about 1/3 of our yard.  We have almost 1/2 acre. The 3 things in the middle are two sheds with a connector roof for the riding mower.  The larger shed is 10ft x 14ft and we are working on making one of our screen porches (long white section on the bottom left of the picture) enclosed to use as a shed. And get rid of this larger one to have more garden space.

I still have a few things in trays that aren't ready to transplant yet.  So I will update as things start taking off in the next few weeks.  But for now.  Here is a slide show of the garden as it is right now.

That's all for now.  I will update with more pictures at things come up.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Still Camperless!

As most of you know.  We sold our Renovated 85 Coleman Chesapeake back in July, Right after our last camping trip.

We decided, although we loved our (NEW) pup after all the work we put in to it. That it was just to much work for the Hubby and I.  We both have a lot of medical issues and it just seemed to get harder and harder every time we took it out.  On the last trip after setting up. We said, Yep, this is its last trip with us.  So we put her up for sale on craigslist and sold her in 3 days for asking price.

So then the decision came, do we buy a new camper and try and make our old 1985 Ford F150 pull it after it has already have one transmission replaced and one tranny repair done a few years back. If so, we really risked hurting it and would have to add a oil cooler and tranny cooler and brake controller and update the plug.  Well after long thought,  Hubby said, Well, you don't drive much any more and your 09 Dodge Journey we bought new in 08 we have had for 4 years and only has 21K miles on it.  So lets trade it for a new truck to pull the camper.  I was okay with that.  I mean, I don't drive much and hubby hated the car and drove his old F150 to work every day.   So off to Jarrett Ford we went and bought what we were looking for. And used the sold pup money for downpayment on his beauty.

Yep, It's another Ford F150. LOL!  This one is a 2010 F150 Super Crew 4x4 with v8 and the total tow package we need for a travel trailer.  You can see the 95 F150 sitting next to the new one.  This one is alot bigger. We have a thing for red trucks, We now have two red F150's, My son has a red GMC Sierra Stepside and my daughter has a red Equinox. We bought the new one in July 2012.  Im sure this was the right decision instead of trying to force the old truck to pull the TT.

So here we are March 2013 (8 months later) and totally love the new truck.  We had hoped to have a new Camper TT or HTT by now.  But you know how finances go. And we dont want to take on to much.   So we are trying to pay off a few things and save up a deposit so we can enjoy a new camper.  We can have for many years and really enjoy with out having to fix one up. I'm totally over that!  

Every day, we both find ourselves searching craigslist just to see whats out there, what make and models we like.  And we think we have narrowed our search down to two. For the time being, LOL!  We hope to have one of these by end of the year for by early next spring before summer 2014 gets here.

We have decided we really love the hybrids because we will still have the canvas feel of camping.  And we wanted some thing not to small and not to big so think going with some thing around 24 feet will be perfect and still sleep several for when the kids and grandkids go with up.   I will list "OUR" Pro's and Con's under each picture.

We are really in love with these two.  Jayco Feather X23B
Perfect length, Front door, Double sink, Double door fridge. (Same as the Roo)
Lots of storage in kitchen area.
Has a slide to make inside feel bigger.
Love the Front U dinette (Bigger sitting area and can be used as bed when "Turtled") great for winter camping with all beds closed and just use dinette as bed and bring a small table to put in front of couch.
And will still feel roomy inside if we leave the front bed up when just the two of us.
2 Queen beds
If completey closed up, You can still use the camper. Dinette and couch.

Because of the canvas. We are afraid our yappy chi and mini dachshund will annoy the neighbor when left inside.

We are scared of Front end water damage. I read so much about this. But with a new one, shouldn't be a issue for a while and as long and we keep the seal in good shape. We should be okay right?

And this one: Rockwood Roo 23 RS

Perfect length, Front door, Double sink, Double door fridge.
We like this one because no front bed so don't have to worry about water damage.
Love the front double bed and twin up top. Great for storage or Bikes for the grand-kids.
King Size slide out
Since no canvas. Dog's wouldn't hear every little noise
Full size bathroom with tub.

The major con on this one is.  If the bed is not pushed out. Then you cant use the couch or dinette. Im not sure how much of a issue this would be. As since no canvas, Camping in the winter the bed would be out.
And would have to fold up and fold down dinette and couch every time.

But other then that, we like it as well.

I know Jayco has one close to this one the Jayco Feather X213,  its about the same but has two twin beds up front. I think the full would be better option for adults we have camping with us. Then using the couch.

So if you have either of these.  Comment and tell my your Pro's and Con's of each.  Or is there another brand close to these two out there.

Let me know what you think,  we still have several months of thinking so not in any hurry.  But Im really leaning towards the X23B. LOL!


Monday, March 11, 2013

HomeRight Command Max Sprayer Review!

Its been a long time since I posted on this blog as we still don't have a camper.  But the garden is under way as of yesterday. So will be updating on that soon but in the mean time. I thought I would post here about this sprayer as I do a lot of working on other things and painting a lot of them.  

It's been cold, Windy, Overcast and some days Rainy.  So with this weekend being beautiful this weekend, Sunny and warm.  I took advantage of the great outdoors to play with a new Power tool!  This girl just loves her power tools.

This new one is a "HomeRight Command Max" power sprayer.

I recently did a post on my scrapping blog on  my  "DVD shelf to Ribbon Shelf" post.  I posted that I really wanted one of these and planned to get one by the end of this year.  Well, I was super excited when HomeRight contacted me and asked if I would like to review one.  You just don't know how excited I was at this opportunity.

I have been wanting one of these ever since I seen Gail from "My Repurposed Life" show this machine. She gave great reviews on this machine so I emailed her several months back and talked to her about this one compared to one she used to use.  And she loved this one for its ease of use and lack of over spray. That is a must for power sprayers so I was Sold.  And knew I had to have one for all the projects we plan to do this summer.

So I started off with a small project as this wacky Florida weather can change in a matter of hours so I figured I would do some thing easy that I could do in one day and also be a good test and learn the machine.  And let me tell you.  "I LOVE IT"!   

So here is what I'm currently working on.  I bought these two large wood frames at the good will.  The largest one is 31 inches by 20 inches and has some beautiful details in the wood. It was $8.00 at good will.
Although the picture freaks me out a little. (No information on this one)  I wont be using that. I have another Idea for this frame. (Post to come later)

The second frame is 23 inches by 19 inches.  And was $5 at good will.  And about this picture, I pulled it out and it says it was printed in 1976 original printing was 1915. So that is pretty cool. I might keep this print. It's kind of cute.

So I took the backing off and removed the prints and glass (Hm, what to do with the glass?)  Will have to think on that one.  

I moved them out to the yard and did a light sanding on them to remove any dirt, and gloss so the primer will attach better.

I was using old primer and old paint so the directions say to use a strainer to remove clumps and debris from the paint. So I picked these up at Lowes. They are made by Blue Hawk. The one on the left is 1 gallon reusable mesh strainer. It's a 2 pk for only $2.28.  And when using water basted paint or primer, its really easy to wash with water.  The second pack is also by Blue Hawk and is a 4 pk of paper cone (Disposable) strainers for only .98  I got these to use with oil based paints and for the stain we plan to us on the fence in a few weeks.

This is what the look like out of the package.  So now we are ready to get started.  Paint has been stirred and mixed with water, strained and is now ready for action!.

Here you see the large frame painted with Primer using the HomeRight Command Max paint sprayer. WOW!  That was super fast. I was so shocked, I just had to snap a picture after the first one.  It took only about 2 minutes to spray both frames. Talk about fast. Man, so much better then using a paint brush to get in the small details. I did two light coats of primer.

And here are the frames with two coats of White latex water based paint.  I only needed a little paint for this project so I used a old measuring cup. I used a 1/3 cup scoop and used two scoops of paint and one scoop of water and stirred real well and it was perfect.

I totally loved this sprayer because it was so easy to use, it's lighter to hold then others on the market. I have arthritis in my hands so this was a great help and easy to hold.  And wow, it was a lot quieter then I thought it would be so that was a plus!

Some how I missed the picture of the water bucket,  But make sure to keep one handy. I actually used two, One was for the paint stir sticks, measuring cup, mesh strainer and washing my hands.  The other was clean water to add to the primer and paint.  And to add the parts of the sprayer you need to clean when your done. Which was also a super easy task.

To clean the Command Max.  Take the white bowl off and do some thing with the paint left over.  I used a old clean jar to put the paint in and wrote on the label. "White Latex water based paint. Mixed 2 to 1 with water". So next time I need it, its ready to go all mixed and strained.

Next, wash out the bowl with clean water, take the tube off and spray till clean.  Put tube back on, fill bowl with clean water and spay till water coming out is clean.  Then remove the screw on cap and the winged sprayer, Inner spacer with springs and the brass Nozzle and put in water and wash all and clean the needle on the sprayer.  When done cleaning, set parts on a towel to try then put back together. Its that simple. And ready to use next time.

I hope you like my review on the Command Max, I really have been wanting one for a long time and was so glad to have the opportunity to review this one.  And these opinions are my own.

Places to get this sprayer:  $89.99
Amazon   $65.58
Walmart    $68.75 (Free shipping to store)
Home Depot  $69.97 (Check your store for availability)

I'm not affiliated with any of these places. Just helping you find the best deal for you. And again, this machine was provided to me free. And the opinions are mine and I was not paid to make these statements. I truly love this product. And cant wait for the weather to stabilize so we can stain our wood fence.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Long Time No Post!

Wow, It has been a while since I posted.  A lot has changed.

We did go on your camping trip to Fort desoto and it was awesome as always.  We had sever thunder storms all 6 days.  Most of the beach got washed a way.  The whole north point we used to go to was GONE!.  Just so sad.

While setting up camp.  We made the decision, its just to much work for us with both of us having several health issues.  So we put our Vintage 1985 totally restored pup up for sale and it sold in 3 days.  We sold it for $3000.  And was going to use that to buy a small travel trailer.

But found out that our old 1995 F 150 really couldn't handle the added weight.  It was having a hard time with the pup. As it is on its 2nd rebuilt tranny.  So we made the decision to use that $3k to buy a newer truck that could handle the weight of the trailer and it came with all the added benefits of having the tranny and oil cooler, 4x4, 7 way plug and the added break system. We bought a 2010 F150 4x4 crew cab. And we love it.  

Well, the plan was to sell our boat to now use that to get a camper, but boats just dont sell as fast as pop ups and campers do.  So here it is January, And still no camper and dont look like we will have one any time soon.  I miss camping so much and often think I should not have sold the pup.  But yet, think about how much work it was for us. And know we made the right decision.  Just have to give it some time and we will have a camper one day.

As for the garden. We didn't do a fall garden, and let me tell you, that thing grew out of hand.  All the raised beds had to be taken down, its been 2 years growing and they were falling apart.  So pulled all those down, and now working on plowing the garden.  And hope to have it planted in late Feb.

Will Keep yall posted on how the garden goes.