Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Blog Won an Award!

Check this out.  I got a email today that my blog had won this award!

facts about camping

Because is a project designed to improve the 
quality of online factual content, we want to promote and 
encourage this on other websites too! was awarded 
for one or more of the following reasons:
  • Accurate and precise informational content.
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I'm honored to receive this award!  Thank you so much!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pop Up Camper Roof Repair

We did a total roof tear down and repair when we bought this old 85 Coleman Chesapeake Pop Up.  As we started to look in to things it got worse and worse.  So figured it would be better for every ones health to do a total restore.  So this slide show will show you what we did.

If you have any questions.  Just EMAIL ME and I will be happy to help you out with some information.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Booked First Camping trip for "2012" Fort Desoto

I haven't posted to this blog in a long time.  Because with the economy the way it is and changes in our income.  Camping was put on the back burner.

But, I'm super excited to post that. We have saved enough to book a 6 day camping trip in June 2012 at our favorite place.  Fort Desoto Camp ground.  Its a little expensive I think at around $40 a night and they dont have any discounts for disabled.  But we feel its totally worth it for all you can do with the beautiful beaches, Fishing pies, Canoe and Kayak rentals all the trails.  And super clean camping.  And its close to other places you can drive to and check out.

The last time we camped was June 2010 (2 years ago) You can read about that trip"Here".  And yes it was at Fort Desoto (Our first time camping there)  we stayed on lot 115 and it was perfect. Nice and shady, large lot. Pet section. And on the end and on the sea wall. Caught lots of little snapper there.  But we had taken a drive and walk around the entire camp ground (Both Islands) and took the camp map with us and marked what we liked about the spots.

And we really loved the ones that were on the water with a walk in. (Not on a sea wall) so that we can just slide our canoe in and go and we can fish off the beach as we do that all the time and love to just sit by the water.  So this trip we were able to get one of the spots we marked on our map.  And this one is lot 218.

I booked this on line.  But we took a drive out to spend the day on the beach and fish and stopped and checked out the spot.  And its just as beautiful as the picture.  The picture must of been taken later in the summer as all the trees have leaves and its super shady.  We went first weekend of March 2012 and it was still shady even though the trees weren't full of leaves.  So it will be super nice in June.  We went between check out and in times (out 11am in 1pm)  so we could see it empty.  And the site is level with the beach so you just walk in to the water (No Swimming) at the site, but you can fish and put in your canoe or kayak there. No pets at this site either.

I am so excited that June just can not get here soon enough.  This will be our Anniversary trip for our 27th Anniverary. Which is really in April (spring break weekend) but we always take our vacation in May or June just to by pass spring break and the weather is always perfect for the beach then.

In a few weeks. We will be opening our beloved 85 Coleman Chesapeake (totally restored)  and reoganizing it and seeing what we can take out we don't need.  Funny how you think you need all that stuff and never use it.  Then will wash and wax it so its all nice and pretty.

Back later!  Maybe with a garden post.  We just planted seeds this week.  A little late, but its still early March.

Happy Camping