Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am so excited.  I had seen this on Gail's blog a few weeks ago.  And then she had a chance to win this.  I entered and won it.  Gail's blog is the only blog I read every single day. I swear I'm not stalking it. I just love her projects. Reminds me so much of my past life.  And bringing back my love of wood working.  You can check out Gail's Blog here.  My Repurposed Life

I won the Dremel Trio 

This is so flipping cool.  It does 3 different things.  Cut, Sand and Rout.   Why am I so excited about this?

Because you that really know me personally know I have been in wood working for over 30 years.  And only been in scrapping the past 6.  I have my own work shop with lots of power tools.  And I fell in love with this tool because its 3 things in one.  I have a roto zip and that thing drives me nuts.  This replaces that.  I also have a mouse sander and its great but don't get in tiny places.  This replaces that.  And also I have a B&D router that don't work, so this will replace that as well.

I just cant tell you how excited I am about this.  And have to start planing my first project with it.  I have a ton of scroll saw templates.  My Scroll saw tool a dive a few years ago and never got it fixed so never had a chance to play with them. Looks like I'm picking up my old hobby again.

Thanks again Gail and Dremel.


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