Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Camper / Tent / RV forum

Hey y'all,   I'm glad the new year is here.  I'm determined to spend more time in my pup even if its Camp back yard.  I'm going to spend more time in the pup.

We kind of have plans to go primitive camping this weekend. But my husband has that nasty bug that is going around,  so he isn't  feeling all that great.  So might just have to make it next weekend. 

But in the mean time.  We pulled the camper out and made sure every thing is working and set it up.  Put more stuff in there.  And now its all ready to go. 

I just joined a new camping group that allows all kinds of camping.  They have sections for Tenters, Pop up Campers, Hybrid campers, RV campers.   Hey, as long as your not sleeping in your house, your camping right. LOL! 

So if your looking for a place to find camping information, Repair help, Owner manual for campers. Even old ones from the 60's to now.   And Camp cooking, and camper mods.  Wow.  You need to join this place called.   "Canvas Campers"  tell Joe that Sharon sent you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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