Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am so excited.  I had seen this on Gail's blog a few weeks ago.  And then she had a chance to win this.  I entered and won it.  Gail's blog is the only blog I read every single day. I swear I'm not stalking it. I just love her projects. Reminds me so much of my past life.  And bringing back my love of wood working.  You can check out Gail's Blog here.  My Repurposed Life

I won the Dremel Trio 

This is so flipping cool.  It does 3 different things.  Cut, Sand and Rout.   Why am I so excited about this?

Because you that really know me personally know I have been in wood working for over 30 years.  And only been in scrapping the past 6.  I have my own work shop with lots of power tools.  And I fell in love with this tool because its 3 things in one.  I have a roto zip and that thing drives me nuts.  This replaces that.  I also have a mouse sander and its great but don't get in tiny places.  This replaces that.  And also I have a B&D router that don't work, so this will replace that as well.

I just cant tell you how excited I am about this.  And have to start planing my first project with it.  I have a ton of scroll saw templates.  My Scroll saw tool a dive a few years ago and never got it fixed so never had a chance to play with them. Looks like I'm picking up my old hobby again.

Thanks again Gail and Dremel.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Blog was Featured!

Check this out,  This blog was featured on Blog awards.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manatee Springs SP and Suwannee River

Our "StayCation"  as my husband calls it when you don't actually sleep away from the house. Really turned out to be a Stay home Vacation. LOL!

Hubby has to take 3 weeks vacation in the next month and a half or he looses the time. No pay no carry over.  But good thing is he get 5 more weeks in Sept.  But cant use those till after March of 2012.

So this week, as you know.  He has been home,  So that means no scrapping for me.  It feels odd to not have been in the craft room for over a week.  But that will change next week.  He goes back to work on Monday, So I can get back to my normal schedule. LOL!

Monday we were headed to the Beach, but it rained.  So Tuesday we took a long driving trip to some where we have never been. Funny how you live in a state for over 40 years and still dont see much of it.  So we like to do day trips every few months and see things we never seen.  Tuesday, we drove to Chiefland and checked out the The Lower Suwannee River Refuge so my Husband and Brother could register to get on the list to get one of the few passes available for Hunting this winter.  They are on the list, so they are very happy.  And yes, it stormed on the way there. My head was so full of pressure, felt my my brain was a balloon ready to pop and my face was so swollen.  But It got better as the storm passed.

While we were there, we checked out this cool bat house, but man does it smell even pretty far from it. LOL. Then we did a short trail.  Its a 1/3 mile to the River.  I cant walk much and forgot my cane. So my brother found me a really nice stick to use. That helped along with several stops and my inhaler.  It was a nice slow walk.  We were passed by several people but that was okay, On the way back, it started to rain, so we had no choice but to walk the trail in the rain.  We seen a black snake just on the side of the trail.  That was scary.

Hey, Look,  I figured out how to share a Picasa Slide show. I think.  LOL!

We left there, and drove down the road about 8 miles to the Manatee Springs State Park. We have never been there before.  And wow, is it beautiful.  Its was super cloudy and raining so my pictures are kind of dark.  But you can still see how pretty it was. 

As we entered the gate at Manatee Springs SP.  While stopped at the station to pay to enter. Currently $6 a car load of 8 or less.  We were greeted by a family of deer.  A Dad, Mom and Baby.  So dang cute. Just walked across the road,  Looked at us and kept walking.  We got a shot of them in the woods as we passed.

We had packed a lunch to bring.  So we got out a blanket and hand lunch on the picnic tables right by the springs.  It was not packed at all,  We went July 26, dead of summer and there were only 4 cars in the parking lot,  And the camp ground wasnt even half full.  We then did the trail by the springs.  Checked out the canoe launch and walked along the springs to the Suwannee River.  It was so beautiful seeing all those Cypress trees.  Seen lots of blue gill fish in the springs.  

When we made it to the end of the boardwalk to the Suwannee River. We were standing on the boat dock and all these huge Sturgeon were jumping.  It was crazy.  These fish were about 4 feet long and jumping straight up in the air. And making huge splashes.  People were telling us about them jumping in your boats and Canoes. So dangerous.  Don't think we will be taking our boat out there.  I forgot my new camera has a HD camcorder on it.  Or I would of took a video.

We drove around the camp grounds to check it out, and they are pretty nice.  Some are bigger then others,  But let me tell you, The Bathroom are the cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen in a campground. Didn't see one bug in there.  The are super clean and shinny.  And have nice showers as well. 

While standing in camp spot 61.  2 more deer walked right by us like it was nothing.  A few minutes later a couple more walked by.  From what I understand after talking to the Really nice ranger lady as the shack on the way out.  This is very common for the Deer to just walk though your camp site.  You just cant shoot them in the park.  They must know this, because they just walk right by you. lol.  Hey, did you know that if you are disabled you qualify for half off camping. Wow, that so helps budget. So we can camp for only $10 a night. You cant beat that.

To make it even funnier.  My husband and Brother are hunters, And all those deer were driving them nuts.  As we were leaving,  I caught this picture of a deer just walking across the street by the check in station.  As you can see, the gate is just behind the deer. So they know they are safe behind the fence. LOL! 

My Hubby and Brother are hoping that the deer are that plentiful 8 miles up the road when they go hunting this winter.  I told them I would go with them camping at the springs this winter, But no way am I hunting Bambi. 

Rest of the week has been busy working around the house, building a pantry in the laundry area which is located next to the kitchen.  It freed up a lot of needed kitchen cabinets. How do we collect so much kitchen stuff, Jeez!  I need to declutter and save the stuff for my son when he moves out.  Was headed fishing yesterday and today,  but of course it rained both days.  So I bet you , next week, will be hot and sunny. LOL!  I'm so resting today,  I'm super sore from the activity this week. I knew it would hit me soon.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. 
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Camper / Tent / RV forum

Hey y'all,   I'm glad the new year is here.  I'm determined to spend more time in my pup even if its Camp back yard.  I'm going to spend more time in the pup.

We kind of have plans to go primitive camping this weekend. But my husband has that nasty bug that is going around,  so he isn't  feeling all that great.  So might just have to make it next weekend. 

But in the mean time.  We pulled the camper out and made sure every thing is working and set it up.  Put more stuff in there.  And now its all ready to go. 

I just joined a new camping group that allows all kinds of camping.  They have sections for Tenters, Pop up Campers, Hybrid campers, RV campers.   Hey, as long as your not sleeping in your house, your camping right. LOL! 

So if your looking for a place to find camping information, Repair help, Owner manual for campers. Even old ones from the 60's to now.   And Camp cooking, and camper mods.  Wow.  You need to join this place called.   "Canvas Campers"  tell Joe that Sharon sent you.

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