Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kitchen Shelf Mod for Pop Up Camper

 I thought for sure I had posted this on my blog when we did this. But I keep getting emails asking what we used.  So im posting it now so I know its here.

I had seen this done on another website, but they had removed the link.  But I made it so here is what we used.

 2 40" tension shower rods

2 double shelf tracks

2 shelf kits (comes with shelf bracket and shelf) Or buy the shelf and have it cut, and get the brackets

2 Closet Hangers to use as support and later as guides.

2 Hose Clamps

4 Self taping screws

Several "S" hooks  For you to hang your keys, Cell phone charger, Flash light, Dog leash and stuff.

First. Level your up and raise the roof all the way.
Next.  Extend your  shower rods so that the are just tight between the roof and the bottom of the cabinet. (behind the sink) Not to tight or the roof will lift.

Next.  Screw the track to the extended shower rods. (Make sure you dong screw in the second adjusting pole or you wont be able to move it later. ( since you cant screw at the bottom of the track. I used hose clamps to tighten it after assembly.

Next. Put in your shelf brackets and shelves and make sure they are even and level.  (Note.  Do not put food on top shelf.  the heat from the roof will rot or melt the food. Only put paper goods, dishes, towels and stuff like that on the top rack)  Ask me how I know. LOL!

Next mark a circle around the top and bottom of the pole as a guide placement. Then remove the shelves and poles.   And place the Closet door hanger in the circles.  Use some really strong sticky tape. So it sticks to the roof.

Now when you put your shelf back up. You will place the shower rods in the closet door hangers so you know where your placement is every time, and it helps to keep the poles in place.

This mod works great. and holds a lot of weight. We added another shelf and we put our microwave on the second shelf.  And dished to dry on the bottom shelf.    We Love this so much. We are making another one for the other side of the pup. To store clothes and stuff.  And you know, this also acts as Roof support if your cables should happen to fail.

Hope you enjoy this mod. I know we do.