Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fort Desoto Camping Trip

We made our first booked Camping trip.  And that was at Fort Desoto.  We live about an hour away and have been going to Ft. Desoto for the 25 years we have been married, and I have been going there since I was a little girl. But do you know, I have never, ever camped there.  So I was super excited to be camping there.

In fact. We have always stayed in a hotel on St. Pete beach for our Anniversary. And again had a hotel booked for our 25th Anniversary.  But got to thinking about it, and the whole time we are at the hotel. We are usually spending our time at Ft. Desoto, or fishing on the Skyway pier.  So we thought about it, and looked online, and there was one site on the water, for the exact days we had scheduled the hotel.  So we booked the campsite, and canceled our hotel stay.

And, man, Im so glad we did, we had so much fun. We wore our selves out, and came home a day early. Since this was our first booked 5 night trip, It was a bit much. But we loved it, and will do it again.

This was also our first trip with out our kids that are now grown, and first camping trip without our beloved Pepper, he had passed a few weeks earlier. So that was had to stay in the pet section with out our dog. But we kept busy. 

This is our nice and shady spot.  site 115 in the pet section, 2 spots over from the bathroom and showers, and trash cans at the end of our site, So didnt have to go far.  Its was the perfect spot.  On the water.

The spot was huge as you can see, we had plenty of room.  We put up our First up screen room with was wonderful. First time we used it, and it was super simple.   Here is a picture of our TV (Tow Vehicle with pup attached)  Funny, this is the first picture we have of it. LOL!

This is our favorite vehicle. We used to call it "Big Red" but now we call it "Old Faithful" .  This is our 1995 Ford F150.  And it has been super faithful.  And still looks pretty good for being 15 years old. 

And the Camper is 1985 Coleman Chesapeake, we totally restored. Every one loved at the campground.  And our canoe on top, first time carrying it like that.  And it worked perfect.
This is the view behind the pup, The sun is setting, and I fished from this spot as much as I could. The first morning, I was out there fishing at 6:30 am,  It was high tide, I caught 10 muttin snapper, 5 pinfish and 1 red fish.  All to small to keep, but it was fun.

This is a beautiful "Button Wood Tree" at the entrance of the pet camping section, just across from the check in station and little store.  We walked up to the office one morning to get ice. and in all those holes were squirrels sleeping. It was so cute. Like a Squirrel Condo. LOL!  I have lived in Florida for 43 years and never seen several of the trees here.  I was in Aw! so was my hubby.

This one is a Palm tree that has been take over by what the ranger called "Strangler Vine".  It's so wild, its like fingers weaved around the tree. It lives off the tree. Amazing!  

This one, I have no clue what it is. My husband fell in love with this one. It looks to be a member of the Palm family, Its huge.  If you know what this is called, Please leave me a comment and let me know.

We didnt see any racoons, which every one told us there were a bunch here, The ranger said, we must be doing a good job with keeping the food and trash picked up if we arent seeing any. Thats good to know. LOL!

But we did see some other friendly animals.  There was this one squirrel that was so friendly, I was scared.  He just walked up to us, sat on my husbands food, and tried to get into a can of peanuts sitting by his other foot, My hubby shook his foot, and the squirrel just looked at him and bit in to the lid. Then he jumped on the step that goes in to the camper, good thing the door was closed.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture, It was so hot, the lens was fogged up.
Then there was this big white bird, It just walked right up to the camp site where we were sitting.  Every time I turned around, My hubby said, "We have another visitor"  I think he really enjoyed it. 

On our 3rd day, Wed, My brother came out with all 3 of his boy, 2 just got here from Ohio for a month. It was great to see my Nephews. 
The two younger boys had fun in the Canoe. They loved the beach and fishing on the pier.
The rest of the pictures are of the Fort., Pier, and the beach. 
Sunset on the long fishing pier. Beautiful, We fished there every night from 6pm-11pm Didnt catch any thing but it was fun.
View of the North beach from the top of the Fort. Beautiful.
This is the Skyway bridge, we are fishing under a bridge just out side of fort desoto.  Beautiful.
Daytime view of behind the camper. Again, Beautiful.
Cool picture of under the long fishing pier.
Pelicans on the rocks next to the pier.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few of the pictures I took during out week long vacation. We did have a wonderful time and think im going to book another trip later in the year. Lets just pray the oil spill doesnt make if this far.  

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