Sunday, May 9, 2010

Propane Tank and Spare Tire Cover

When we replaced the old 85' Canvas on the pup.  The Evolution material was totally shot.  But all the canvas was in excellent shape.  But since most of the thing was the Evolution material. We just purchased a totally new All Canvas. 

I decided to keep the good parts as I figured there would be some thing I could use it for.  And yep, I did.

I used the top canvas backed vinyl from the top of the bunk ends,  To make a Propane tank cover and a spare tire cover.   I have enough left for one more project Im working on.

Here is a picture of the parts I cut before I sewed them on my sewing machine, And let me tell you, Its not easy to sew vinyl backed canvas.  I used Denim Jean needles and thread in dark brown to match the pup.

I sewed it so the canvas was inside and the vinyl was outside. Here is the Propane tank cover and Spare tire cover.  I also used the elastic cord from the bottom of the bunk ends on these as well. 

Spare Tire cover.

Okay, this turned out to be a tight fit as I measured the tire for size, then we aired up the tire. But I know It wont come off easy. LOL.

And, I design and cut my own Vinyl Designs, for all kinds of crafts and Scrapbooking. I love cutting vinyl. So I had to make some to match the rest of the decals I made for the pup and our Camp sign.  So it all matches.

Here is the new Tank cover with my Vinyl design "85' Coleman Chesapeak"
And here is the spare tire cover with my design I made to match our camp sign.  With the things we love. Our pup we named "Chesapeake Manor"  and the mountains, lake, Pup, and our boat.  What a better way to camp.

So what do you think.   I design all kinds of thing for scrapbooking you can purchase my files for personal use, or purchase a Resale or Commercail License. here RSMobleys Designs at VDBC Forum   Or if you dont have a machine.  I can design for you and cut the design for you and mail.  I accept Paypal.

Email me at RSMobleys Designs

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