Sunday, May 9, 2010

DO Peach Dump Cake

Here is my 2nd try with the Dutch Oven.  Im telling you I think Im addicted already, They call it, "CastIronItis".  LOL!

Last Sunday, I maked the Peach dumpcake,  For some reason, our local Sweet Bay, had every kind of pie filling but peach.  So I bought 2 cans of Peaches in heavy syrup.  Okay, so its not the same, but it kind of worked.

I added a lot of dark brown sugar and Cinnamon to the peaches,  Added a box of yellow cake mix, let in powder forum. sprinkled more brown sugar and Cinnamon on top.  And pored a little sprite on top. 

And put the cover on, and sat on the coals and put most on top. Cooked for one hour.  It smelled so good as soon as I walked outside.

It looks good,  And tasted real good to.  But next time, I wont use the syrup, as it was a little runny, but It still tasted really good.

 Dont that look good!

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