Friday, May 14, 2010

Thermal Cooler Cover

We are getting ready for our first camping trip of the year.  And in this hot Florida weather, Your cooler fights to stay cold even in the shade.

I know last year, we must have bought 20 bags of ice over our weekend trip.  So Im trying this out to see if it helps.

I sewed a Thermal cooler cover for our big white Igloo cooler.

So this is how I made it. Pick out the cooler you want to use, I used our large white Igloo cooler.

I measured the size of the cooler.  I went to the store and bought the solar window shades for $2 each, bought 3 for the cover and 1 to sit the cooler on.

I measured the height of the cooler and cut the panel to that size. Leaving one sice with the sewn edge for the bottom.

Which also cuts off the opening for the rear view mirror.   Pined together, and when done, I used some gray duct tape to reinforce the edges, and seal the sewn edges. 

Then turn the right side out, and see how it fits.  I left the elastic loops on, so I can fold it up and store it. So I hope this help keep the cooler cool a little more this summer on our week long trip.  I will sit if on top of an extra one so the bottom stays cool as well.

So do you think this will help. I sure hope so, Cost was $6 for cover.  $2 extra for one to sit on. So not bad for $8. 

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fishing Decals

My Hubby asked me to make him new decals for his 95' Ford F150 as all his only decals were faded and cracked.

So he wanted a Snook and a Red fish.  So I designed these and cut them out of Silver Outdoor vinyl what is rated for 6 years. 

I think they turned out great with all the details and He loved them, Scraped off the old ones and I put these on. Looks alot better.

Now he wants a Bass and Blue Gill fish for the sliding center windows, so I better get working on those.

Sorry about the water marks,  I have had some people trace my pictures. I know this wont stop them, but they cant not see it.  These files will be in store soon.   RSMobleys Designs

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Propane Tank and Spare Tire Cover

When we replaced the old 85' Canvas on the pup.  The Evolution material was totally shot.  But all the canvas was in excellent shape.  But since most of the thing was the Evolution material. We just purchased a totally new All Canvas. 

I decided to keep the good parts as I figured there would be some thing I could use it for.  And yep, I did.

I used the top canvas backed vinyl from the top of the bunk ends,  To make a Propane tank cover and a spare tire cover.   I have enough left for one more project Im working on.

Here is a picture of the parts I cut before I sewed them on my sewing machine, And let me tell you, Its not easy to sew vinyl backed canvas.  I used Denim Jean needles and thread in dark brown to match the pup.

I sewed it so the canvas was inside and the vinyl was outside. Here is the Propane tank cover and Spare tire cover.  I also used the elastic cord from the bottom of the bunk ends on these as well. 

Spare Tire cover.

Okay, this turned out to be a tight fit as I measured the tire for size, then we aired up the tire. But I know It wont come off easy. LOL.

And, I design and cut my own Vinyl Designs, for all kinds of crafts and Scrapbooking. I love cutting vinyl. So I had to make some to match the rest of the decals I made for the pup and our Camp sign.  So it all matches.

Here is the new Tank cover with my Vinyl design "85' Coleman Chesapeak"
And here is the spare tire cover with my design I made to match our camp sign.  With the things we love. Our pup we named "Chesapeake Manor"  and the mountains, lake, Pup, and our boat.  What a better way to camp.

So what do you think.   I design all kinds of thing for scrapbooking you can purchase my files for personal use, or purchase a Resale or Commercail License. here RSMobleys Designs at VDBC Forum   Or if you dont have a machine.  I can design for you and cut the design for you and mail.  I accept Paypal.

Email me at RSMobleys Designs

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DO Peach Dump Cake

Here is my 2nd try with the Dutch Oven.  Im telling you I think Im addicted already, They call it, "CastIronItis".  LOL!

Last Sunday, I maked the Peach dumpcake,  For some reason, our local Sweet Bay, had every kind of pie filling but peach.  So I bought 2 cans of Peaches in heavy syrup.  Okay, so its not the same, but it kind of worked.

I added a lot of dark brown sugar and Cinnamon to the peaches,  Added a box of yellow cake mix, let in powder forum. sprinkled more brown sugar and Cinnamon on top.  And pored a little sprite on top. 

And put the cover on, and sat on the coals and put most on top. Cooked for one hour.  It smelled so good as soon as I walked outside.

It looks good,  And tasted real good to.  But next time, I wont use the syrup, as it was a little runny, but It still tasted really good.

 Dont that look good!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First try with the DO (Dutch Oven)

I bought a DO last Oct at Harbor Freight.  And had not used it yet.   So today, I talked the hubby in to raising the pup enough to flip the galley and dig out the DO.   Man, it was nice to see the inside of the pup again, LOL!

Okay, so since this was my first try, I looked up every thing on the net.  And tried to follow directions, the best I could.

So. I usually work with propane with my grills.  But when cooking with at DO.  I read its best to use Charcoal.  I dont use that.  So read on that, and the suggested is Kingsford (Blue and White bag)  As its compacted harder, and burns longer,  and DO NOT use the match light stuff.  In fact, You dont need any Lighter fluid, Yep, you read that right.  I had no clue, so I picked up some any way, just in case. 

So , I found this website,"" that tells you how to make a charcoal chimney out of a coffee can.  I just happen to have only one can in my shed, that holds all the gloves.  So I tossed them out, and cut the bottom out.

  I didnt have any newspaper so I used a old phone book and just ripped out the pages and balled them up and packed them tight in the bottom.  Then added the coals.  From what I read you need 18-20 to make 350 degrees.  So I added 20  and then sat that on top of 3 so I had a total of 23 coals.

I lite the bottom, it smoked pretty bad, but afer 20 minutes, the coals were glowing red and were ash white.  That was amazing. No lighter fluid at all. WOW!

So then I made my first mistake, I found out later. But not a major one.  I wasnt sure if the coals would be hot. so I cooked the meat and Onions in the house in a frying pan. I should of cooked it in the DO so it would have already been hot. But I now know for next time so that altered the cooking time.   So I used a DO liner for easy clean up.  And layerd all the stuff for the Lasagna. 

When the coals were hot, I removed the can, put a few in a ring set the DO on top. And put the rest on the top.  From what I read,  the More you have on top. It gives a baking effect.  The more you have on bottom. It cooks more then bake.   

I let it cook for just over an Hour. and it was almost done, but my coals were gone because it was windy out, so they burned faster.  So I just put it in the house oven for 15 minutes and it finished just fine.  And man, did it taste good.  And clean up was easy with the liners.

Here is before it was cooked
And after it was cooked, Man was it good!

Tomorrow we are trying Peach Dump cake. Yum!

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