Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some Changes and New Look!

You may notice some changes around here so dont think your on the wrong blog, LOL! 

I kind of like this one, although you cant see the sides to much, it has old bard boards, and Love the Sunflower. So need to see if I can play with it some.  And put it back to a 3 column blog when I get some time. 

But figured since, the camper and the garden got a make over, the blog might as well to.

So, We have been working on the new garden every day for like 2 weeks, and its looking really good, and almost done.  Need to go get new fence to keep the dogs out, and some more soil for the SWC's and planters for my herbs.  

Here is what the garden looked like last year and got the best of us, Its a lot of work for my husband and myself with out medical problems.  But the doc says, we need this garden to help our stress and its the only exercise we get, but day, the weeds and grass are just to much for us. So We when from this:

This is the main part, its 18' x 30 feet.  and in the back corner, its hard to see but there is a small crape myrtle. We did rows in the ground, and covered them with black trash bags and it worked reall good, but we didnt put them in the middle of the rows so had to keep using the hoe.

Here is the main garden after stuff started growing from seeds in the ground. You can see the black plastic trash bags.  And you can see the crape myrtle in the back corner, its growing.

Now for the New Garden,  We are trying Raised beds this year, and working some what on the square foot garden as much as we can.  So we dug up the Crape Myrtle that was now really big, and moved it over to the other side of the yard, and am happy to say, it survived,  It now sprouting new leaves before all the others.

Then hand tilled the garden as the pull cord on our gas tiller keeps breaking.  And removed all the grass and weeds. And then moved the stuff on the side of the shed, and cleared it for watermelons, cantalope and acorn squash,  Here is a picture of that, its only been in 4 days, and already we are seeing sprouts. You see the black sides of the old bed liner, that is a quick fix to keep the dogs out of this side, and where the new fence will go this weekend. This area is 10 x 14

This is what the new main garden now looks like. We removed every thing even the tree in the corner. Put down weed cloth over the whole area.  Built the raised beds and laid them on top of the weed cloth. Then put down 24 bags of mulch.  I hope this will stop the weed problem.

Box 1 on the left in the back is 3' x 18', and so is the one on the right. I cant possible tell you what is in this right now, I forgot the list in the shed. Im working on a layout for it.  and will post it.  Ha, notice the 2 lonely cauliflower. They were on clearance at lows for 2.00 so we picked up 2 and then planted cauliflower seeds in the squares around it. So we will have some staggered growing.  I told hubby to plant some marigolds and how many do you see , yep, just one,  so after things start coming up, I will plant a few more. 

In this one, you can see we planted white onion sets, and Red onion sets.  they should do fine.We only put 5 per box. Square foot garden says 16 I think.

This is one of the two short boxes. They are 3'x6' and one has collard greens, and all kinds of lettuce and raddish. And in the other box has one row of strawberries and one row of onion, yep, Hubby wanted sweet strawberry onions. and I for get what on the other side. Have to get the list.. Hey there are two marigolds in this one. lol.

And again this year we are using SWC's that worked so good last year. We put off the stuff that gets big and bushy in these. 

we have 7 so far, need to get more soil for some more. From left to right are 2 green peppers, one Cherry tomato, 1 Beef steak tomato and 1 Roma tomato and on the end are 2 yellow squash, they grow good in these, with side stakes, the fruit hangs off the sides.

And in these 4 buckets with holes are Yukon gold potatoes. We grew them like this last year and they did great.

Well, thats all for now. I hope to be updating this blog more as the growing season takes off. And of course, Camping season is here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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