Monday, April 26, 2010

Garden Update! 4 Weeks

I almost forgot to take todays pictures, It is now 4 weeks today, we put in the garden.

Most of the stuff is growing good.  We had to plant a few corn that didnt come up..  And of course the new soaked over nite peas, have been replanted and are just starting to come up.

I was worried what I would go out to this morning as we had one heck of a storm last night, Wow, I have never seen so much lightning in such a short amount of time in my life. And the rain was so hard and heavy,

But, happy to say, the garden survived, and the plants are a little dirty but that will wash off. 

Here is overview of the garden. 2 weeks later at now 4 weeks.

The stuff you cant see to well in the box on the right, is onion sets, Not doing to well. The front boxes, are slow growiing.  The radishes are doing good, but the lettuce is still slow going.  The other box has more onions and Carrots, those are coming up nicely.  Got a couple berries off the strawberries. I think its to hot for them.

Do you remember the yukon gold potatoes. I cant keep up with them, I have put all the soil I had left in there, and need to get more, to cover the rest of the bucket.

The beginning of a caulifower.  YUM! 

First long box, These are 5 different kinds of string beans. Like black beans,Lima beans and striped beans. Hubby says he is hopeing for 5 bean soup soon, LOL!

These 2 SWC buckets are the Squash seeds I planted just a few weeks ago.  They are doing good, no fruit yet.

Our first green pepper, it has such a perfect shape.  There are a ton of flowers on these 2 plants. So will have lots pretty soon.

First set of Cherry Tomatoes,  I love these, and this is first time growing, Hope they come out nice, You can see the marigold in the back of the bucket, its working good, no bugs yet.

And this is the Beef Steak Tomatoes.  There are 11 on here right now, and doing good.  We planted some Roma tomatoe seeds, and they are coming up and about 6 inches tall, nothing exciting yet, LOL!

Well, that is our garden update at 4 weeks.  Keep watching, I will update in 2 more weeks. If I forget, Please reminde me.

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