Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garden Update! 2 Week's

How does your garden grow?

Mine is growing pretty good. It has now been in 2 weeks as of yesterday.  And I took a picture to show you how its doing.

This is my hubbys pride and joy. Every night he comes home, says hello, changes his clothes and runs out to water his garden. He planted some more bulbs yesterday.  So im a few months, Im going to have stuff popping up all over the place.  I had to transplant one of my pineapples.  The frost Killed the leaves, so he though it was a gonner. So he pulled it up and it still had live roots, He said, I wondered why it was so hard to pull out, LOL!  So may be he will know to watch for that with the next one. LOL!

Here is a over view of all the beds,  And I want to know one thing, How in the world does grass and weeds grow though the weed cloth and several inches of mulch.  Im going to have to weed spray any way, but may be this will still be easier. 

You can see that all the corn, and several of the beans have come up,  The black beans, 2 different kinds, have not come up yet. So will give another week to see if they are late bloomers as today is the 14 day germination.  Some just need a little more time.  The snow peas are doing great, but the regular peas didnt come up. So We will replant those.  Half the time they dont come up. And hubby was in such a hurry to get them in the ground.  He didn't to the soak over night trick.  I bet he does with the new batch. LOL!

Can you see whats in here?  This is one of the buckets with Yukon Gold seed potatoes.  They are starting to sprout some green leaves. When they get about 4 inches tall, We will fill the bucket just enough to cover them, with some compost, and more soil. And continue to do this, till the bucket if full to the top.  Let let it grow, put out pretty flowers, then let the green leaves turn brown, and dump over and harves the potatoes.
I will keep posting pictures for yall.

Look what we have here!  The yellow seed I put in the SWC.  Have come up and are looking pretty good. You wont be able to see the bucket when they get full grown.  Just green leaves, and look under to see the yellow squash hanging.  Love them Grilled with olive oil and garlic. Yum!

You can barely see them, but here are the first 2 Beef Steak Tomatoes on the bush. Looking good.  Need to add some egg shells and epson salts to these and the peppers.

This is the box front right,  we planted 2 more strawberrys ,  one is doing okay, the other one didnt make it.  Its just to hot here for them now. They do get a lot of after noon shade, so that helps a lot.

You cant really see them, but in the middle row with the marigolds. The Stubby Carrots have come up. I cant wait for these.  We are trying a different kind this year.  These only get 5 inches long, but are super fat. So you get a more meaty carrot.  A few of the onion bulbs came up as well.

As for the front left box.  With all the Lettuce, its showing signs of growth.  But not much, The raddishes are coming up.  But come to find out, Hubby forgot he already planted in those boxes,  So not sure if its the raddishes or lettuces.  So waiting a little longer to see if they look different then the other boxes. LOL! 

My hubby say's, He likes to grow mixed veggies.  It drives me nuts. LOL!

Hope you stop back by in 2 weeks to see the progress.   And if you have any tips for how to keep the bugs off.   Please leave me a comment. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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