Sunday, March 21, 2010

Any one Camping or Gardening?

Well, im not camping yet, hope to a couple times this year.  My daughter and new husband took the camper out for a few days after the wedding.  So its been out but I havent. LOL!

As for gardening.  We are trying some thing different this year, We seem to change every year, I think this just might be it.  We are trying raised garden beds.  And I hope this works out well, with less weeds.  My hubby and I just cant tend to the veggie garden with all the weeds,  So we gave up after the first garden last spring.  And skipped the fall garden.  Looking for new ideas for a easier garden. So we can still have fresh veggies.

So here is the plan. We tilled the old garden and removed all the grass and weeds. Cut down 2 small trees and removed the roots, and then relocated a crape myrtle to the other side of the yard.  To give us 6 extra feet in the garden to make bigger boxes.  Then leveled it all out.

We got 2 rolls of weed cloth and those wire pins to keep it down. We built all the sides for the boxes and will put them together tomorrow.  And put on top of the weed cloth.  Then Monday we are having 3 yards of topsoil and 2 yards of compost delivered to fill the boxes. Im looking for some vermiculite to mix in or maybe just some humus.   Then plan to plant on the square foot method.   Then will cover the rest of the weed cloth with mulch.

So here is what we built. We made 2 boxes or long rows.  3 feet x 18 feet long. and are 12 inches deep.  Then one box 3 x 6 x 12.  This will technically give us 7 boxes.  Just 3 and 3 are connected.  If we did single boxes we could only get 4 boxes in that space with walking between each.  So this is the best/biggest method to our madness.

How we made the boxes.  We went to lowes and bought the cedar fence planks, the wide ones, like 6 inches wide by 6 feet long.  They are 1.19 each.  You need 8 for one box 3x6.  Or if making a double box, 3 x 12 you need 13 boards or if making triple box 3 x 18 you need 18 boxes. 

You take and lay 6 whole boards and lay them flat touching.  Then take 2 of the boards and cut in half. So you have two 3 foot sections. And lay them touching, so you now have 2 long sides and 2 short sides.  Then take the other 2 boards, and cut them in sections 11 1/2, (The height of the 2 boards together) you need 3 for each long side and 2 for the short sides. ( you should get 6 cut sections our of one board, with a few inches left over) 

Use the cut sections, to screw the two boards together, using 1 1/4 galvanized screws.

Then, use either 2x4 or 4x4 to make post for the corners and sides to keep the box stable.  Attach, and fill.

This method is super cheap for the boxes, and should last several years. Im hoping this works well for our garden this year.

I will take some pictures tomorrow of the sides of the boxes so you can see what they look like. And how it looks with them in place.

Happy Gardening and Camping.


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