Monday, October 5, 2009

Just cheking in

Its been a while since I posted here. Lots going on, been working on my DD wedding invitations so that's keeping my busy. Check my blog if you want to see my crafty creations

This weekend, we pulled the pup out and adjusted the cables on the whiffletree tree so the roof is now level when raising. And we also added a hand sprayer to the sink, so its now usable. We have a flip over galley, so the faucet is only like 4 inches high, and its difficult to fill a pan with water. So now. we have a hand sprayer that sits in the counter top (drilled hole big enough for it to sit a little lower then the faucet so it don't get crushed when flipping it over) And we used a 3/8 plastic "T" and hose clamps to tie in to the main inlet line, And it works great.

To keep the sprayer head in place when flipping the galley, we just used a rubber bang around the faucet and around the sprayer head to keep it in place. Works great, for got pics, but will take some when we go camping in 2 weeks.

It sure was nice seeking the pup all set up. I sure missed it. So spent some time rearranging the inside to fit the dutch oven in and the camp shelf.

Hopefully we will be camping in 2 weeks, then that Tuesday DH will have his second Cochlear ear I'm plant, and off 3 weeks to recover.

Until next time, Happy camping.

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