Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just testing to see if I can post to my blog from my new phone

Looks like it worked, but still figuring it out.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Camper Sign

Made this sign to display at the campground next to the pup. Pine with rounded corners, 4 coats of poly with light sanding between each coat. I designed the picture and Names and cut out of Outdoor vinyl on my KNK groove.

The lamp post is a design I found on my favorite camper group. Using PVC and solar light at top. And painting with spray paint for plastic.

I think it turned out great. Est. 10/08 is when we bought the pup then did total restoration of this old gal, She is like brand new. We did a Axle flip last week, so now it sits 4" higher.

This is a close up.

Happy Camping!

What is that?

Could it be? It is! It Is!!!

Its a squirrel in the bird feeder. I'm so excited because I had a bunch of squirrels at my old house and when we moved here, I built a clear glass feeder like I had at my old house. I put corn and peanuts in there, and for over a year the food sat in the feeder. So for 2 more years, no squirrels. Now, after 3 years. DH tells me he thinks he see on on the fence the other day. So I have been watching and didn't see any thing, but knew the dogs were going crazy when they went out. So today I was washing dishes and look what I seen in the bird feeder.

Man, it took 3 years go get one to come, So im going to make a new Squirrel feeder.

You can only see his tail, but ain't he/she cute!