Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Table mod

The original 24 year old table was particle board with Formica top and bottom with a hard plastic side trim that had all cracked, the edges of the table were curled from all the water from the roof AC damage.

So the repair was a half sheet of Red Oak, 3/4 inch thick ($25) a roll of Red Oak 3/4 Iron on trip from lowes ($8). And a can of clear polyurethane. Which I had.

Cut table to side, rounded the corners, Iron on side trim and trim with special tool. light sand, one coat of poly, let dry one day, sand, 2nd coat of poly, let dry one day, sand,3rd coat of poly, let dry, sand,4th and last coat. Reinstall original fold up table legs.

It look so good, we are going to take out all the new wood we put in the pup and replace with the same Red Oak.

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