Thursday, July 23, 2009

Newest Medical Problems

For the past few weeks, I have had trouble breathing, its been very shallow and I get really winded and tired after very short walks, and have had several episodes in the past few weeks where I couldn't breath and had really bad chest pains, But after 30 minutes of laying down, they went away.

I decided to go to the doctor 2 weeks ago, and they sent me for xrays and a PFT breathing test, then for echo cardiogram. Which lead to going to see a Pulmonary specialist all in the matter of a week

So that appt. was yesterday, and while there, I started having another episode, bad chest pains, couldn't breath, cold sweats, Blood pressure through the roof and I passed out. The doctor called EMS and when I came to, there were 5 people in blue suits working on me, I was being put on a gurney and being taken out of the doctor office to the waiting ambulance and fire truck, that was a little embarrassing. Any way, I had all the symptoms of a heart attach, so they gave me nitroglycerin and several aspirin. Took me to the hospital (which was next door), checked me in to the ER and a few hours later addmitted me. So I just got home from 2 days in the Cardiac Observation Unit. Every one was so nice and took good care of me.

It was 2 hard days of test. 10 EKG's, (5 sets of electrodes, I look like octopus got a hold of me) More Xray's, Chest CT with contrast (that was tough),2 Echo cardiograms,
4 part injection stress test (this was tough as well) and 20 vials of blood, 25 needle pokes(im not a giver)A bunch of PFT test, Nitro patch and heart monitor.

All this turned out to be, prevention of a heart attack, Bad Asthma, a heavy mass on my lung which turns out to be a different problem, my heart functioning at 60%, Magnesium and Potassium Deficiency.

So im home now with a bad migraine from the nitro patch, and on new meds, with several follow up appts I need to make. Did I mention, I hate going to the doctors, besides the fact its expensive.

Think im headed to bed as you don't get any sleep in the hospital.

Wishing every one well,

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