Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Loving Memory Of Morris

1/25/95 - 7/29/09

It is with great sadness that we had to have our oldest cat "Old Man, Morris" put to sleep today.

We have had this cat for 14 1/2 years, We adopted him from our vet when he was just a kitten. He has been a wonderful pet, always sleeps on my pillow and hugs up to my head when I'm sick.

Yesterday he became suddenly ill, so we took him to the vet today, Dr. Mark said, he is a old cat and has heart failure and kidney failure and nothing they could do for him and he would only live one may be two more days. So we had to have him put to sleep so he wouldn't suffer.

We love you Morris and will miss you very much.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Newest Medical Problems

For the past few weeks, I have had trouble breathing, its been very shallow and I get really winded and tired after very short walks, and have had several episodes in the past few weeks where I couldn't breath and had really bad chest pains, But after 30 minutes of laying down, they went away.

I decided to go to the doctor 2 weeks ago, and they sent me for xrays and a PFT breathing test, then for echo cardiogram. Which lead to going to see a Pulmonary specialist all in the matter of a week

So that appt. was yesterday, and while there, I started having another episode, bad chest pains, couldn't breath, cold sweats, Blood pressure through the roof and I passed out. The doctor called EMS and when I came to, there were 5 people in blue suits working on me, I was being put on a gurney and being taken out of the doctor office to the waiting ambulance and fire truck, that was a little embarrassing. Any way, I had all the symptoms of a heart attach, so they gave me nitroglycerin and several aspirin. Took me to the hospital (which was next door), checked me in to the ER and a few hours later addmitted me. So I just got home from 2 days in the Cardiac Observation Unit. Every one was so nice and took good care of me.

It was 2 hard days of test. 10 EKG's, (5 sets of electrodes, I look like octopus got a hold of me) More Xray's, Chest CT with contrast (that was tough),2 Echo cardiograms,
4 part injection stress test (this was tough as well) and 20 vials of blood, 25 needle pokes(im not a giver)A bunch of PFT test, Nitro patch and heart monitor.

All this turned out to be, prevention of a heart attack, Bad Asthma, a heavy mass on my lung which turns out to be a different problem, my heart functioning at 60%, Magnesium and Potassium Deficiency.

So im home now with a bad migraine from the nitro patch, and on new meds, with several follow up appts I need to make. Did I mention, I hate going to the doctors, besides the fact its expensive.

Think im headed to bed as you don't get any sleep in the hospital.

Wishing every one well,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cochlear Ear Implant

A few weeks ago my DH of 24 years. Had Cochlear Ear Implant surgery. After 2 weeks post opt, he still had lots of swelling and fluid behind the device down in the ear drum. 3 Weeks later, he is doing better and got his device turn on to make sure its receiving transmission. The next week, they turn on the device so he can start hearing.

The first week was every exciting for him. He heard all kinds of things, like the doctor typing on the key board, them opening the package his implant came in, Later in the week he heard the cell phone ring for the first time, He also heard rain drops on the car winshield and also heard our dog bark for the first time. But still couldn't hear people, TV or Radio.

Yesterday, they tuned it so he can now start hearing people. He says it sounds like Alvin and the chipmunks, but they say that is normal and they cant change that. He will get used to it. Yesterday, we tested it out in office, and I was able to carry on a conversation with him, and he understood what I was saying and answering correctly back.

They said he is doing wonderful with it already only 7 weeks out, as most people have a hard time adjusting to it. It will take several months for him to understand and comprehend what he hears. But this is a whole new world for him.

We would love to thank Dr. Bartels office at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, for giving my husband his hearing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Table mod

The original 24 year old table was particle board with Formica top and bottom with a hard plastic side trim that had all cracked, the edges of the table were curled from all the water from the roof AC damage.

So the repair was a half sheet of Red Oak, 3/4 inch thick ($25) a roll of Red Oak 3/4 Iron on trip from lowes ($8). And a can of clear polyurethane. Which I had.

Cut table to side, rounded the corners, Iron on side trim and trim with special tool. light sand, one coat of poly, let dry one day, sand, 2nd coat of poly, let dry one day, sand,3rd coat of poly, let dry, sand,4th and last coat. Reinstall original fold up table legs.

It look so good, we are going to take out all the new wood we put in the pup and replace with the same Red Oak.