Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pop Up Camper Mods

After almost 2 whole weeks of rain every day. This past weekend was beautiful. So DH popped the pup and we did some mods.

We made this awesome awning for the back of the pup. It provides shade on that side, and also allows you to keep your windows open on the back when it rains. The tarp is brown but its hard to tell in the pic as it was really sunny.

Next Mod was to move the water drain for the sink from under neath the camper to the side. And also add a vent as the water drained so slow and you had to shake the hose.

Next was to do some thing about the step that was slippery when wet. We had put some paint on bed liner in our truck and had a little left, so we painted it on the step, and it works great.

We did 2 other mods, but no pics yet. We made a 2 level shelf over the kitchen center to store food and stuff.

Add shelf pic:

And DH wanted carpet in the pup. Well, we put some indoor out door carpent in, will see how well that works. We bought some reflectix for the windows but havent got it cut yet.

Hope to go camping next week.



David Ringley said...

What did you construct your over-the-sink shelving out of? Also, I like your idea for putting a vent on the sink drain.

Sharon said...

Here ya go, I thought I had posted that, but guess not. So just did a post.


Anonymous said...

is there a link for how you made the awning

Nicole E said...

What and how did u make canopy for the back windows? I see its a trap and PVC pipe but don't know how u did it.

Mike Eversoll said...

How did you construct your small awning over the back side?

Sharon said...

Hello All, Wow I didnt get notice all these comments were waiting moderation. So approved them today. I guess I didnt post directions on this back side awning mod. So I will try and tell you every thing now.

Okay, you need some kind of material like a tarp. We used a brown one to match the home made brown awning we made for the front.

You will need a couple pieces of pvc, I used 3/4 inch of the thick stuff. And you will need

2 Elbows
8 90 degree angles
4 T's
2 big bungee cords
4 small bungee cords.

Okay, measure the width between your two lift arms. And add several inches to the sides.

fold over and Sow the edges first

Fold over edge on the side for the lift arms, then make a pocket wide enough for your PVC rod. Sew closed.

Insert the rods in the pockets and on the end put one "T" and cut 2 small pieces of pipe so you can connect the 90 degree angles. This will make the top arm. Now, you can either add some more 90 degree angles pointing up to hold it in place, but we used a super tiny bungee cord looped though and connected and used a straight connector to cover the hooks and protect the canvas.

Now, play with the lenth with your tarp on the poles to see how far down you want your angle, Then cut it off, both same size. And add you last "T" and 90 degree angles.

That is all there is to it. The hard part is measuring your tarp and sewing the pockets.

Hope this helps.