Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Mod "Roof Stabelizer Bars"

Now that we know what the misc poles are. 2 just don't seem like enough. So to same me a few panic attacks, We made 2 more. So now we will have a Roof Support on each corner of the roof. So if a cable breaks, the roof wont come crashing down on you.

2 pieces of 3/4 x 5 foot conduit (cut to your roof height measurements, My Coleman is 51 inches.

2 Inch "L" Brackets ( bent as the top of the hole closest to the center.

Self taping screws.

Total Cost $9 for 2 Feeling of Safety "Priceless"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pop Up Camper Mods

After almost 2 whole weeks of rain every day. This past weekend was beautiful. So DH popped the pup and we did some mods.

We made this awesome awning for the back of the pup. It provides shade on that side, and also allows you to keep your windows open on the back when it rains. The tarp is brown but its hard to tell in the pic as it was really sunny.

Next Mod was to move the water drain for the sink from under neath the camper to the side. And also add a vent as the water drained so slow and you had to shake the hose.

Next was to do some thing about the step that was slippery when wet. We had put some paint on bed liner in our truck and had a little left, so we painted it on the step, and it works great.

We did 2 other mods, but no pics yet. We made a 2 level shelf over the kitchen center to store food and stuff.

Add shelf pic:

And DH wanted carpet in the pup. Well, we put some indoor out door carpent in, will see how well that works. We bought some reflectix for the windows but havent got it cut yet.

Hope to go camping next week.