Monday, May 4, 2009

Paint, Pinstrips and Decals

Pop up has a new coat of paint. It was painted with outdoor semi gloss latex. And it collected dirt and when you wiped it off, the dirt would just smear. So Hubby painted it with Rustoleum Gloss White Enamel and a foam roller. This turned out great. It's a bright white color. It now has a glossy sheen to it, and the best part, Dirt wipes right off.

Next was the pinstripes and Decals. We looked and looked for a color vinyl for the decals to match the new canvas. We ordered 3 different colors, went to several sign shops, But no luck so went with a dark chocolate brown from H & H sign supply. Number 530. I ordered 2 yards (6ft) for 4.00 (that's all I needed for this project). That's a great price. And the transfer tape is a great deal as well, you get 300 feet per roll for 4.63 for the 2" roll. And it works great.

So I took pictures of the original decals. Imported them in to my KNK software. And made files for the original decals. Cut the vinyl on my KNK Groove machine. It cut like a dream. The machine is so easy to use. Any one can do it.

Then we took the vinyl to Lowes, and got it color matched. The color is "Betsy Ross House Brown" in a high gloss. It was a perfect match. DH painted the corner trim, back spare tire mount, and the pinstripe all brown. So it matched the decals. Also put in new white vinyl trim on the corner pieces.

Here are the updated pics. Oh, DH also installed a porch light on the side of the roof, he tied it in to the switch inside that turns on the step light so they come on at the same time. This will be handy when taking the dogs out at night. Need to paint the AC cover as it was tan, the original color of the pup. I also decided to add the year of the camper to the sides. So every one would know what year it is. It sure don't look like its 24 years old.
Original Decal

Original Decal

Original Decal

Finished paint, stripes and decals on side, Note the Year added.

New Decal on back

Notice the missing tale lights. We had put new one on, but I didnt like them, so took the original ones off, cleaned them up and DH is putting them back on. So it will have originals back and look right.

1985 is a good year for us, We were married in 85. So we had our 24th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, My Son was born in late part of 85. So we knew this old gal would be a great addition to our family. I thank Brian for letting us buy her and give her a new home.