Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is this? A Weed or Cucumber?

I planted 2 kinds of cucumbers, the one in the other SWC. (Self Watering Continer "5 Gallong bucket") Im not sure if its a cucumber or a weed. I need to investigate and see what it is. Its strange looking, the stems are red, the leaves are long skinny green with a dark spot in the middle of the leaf. And has a off white flower sprig thing on the top. Is this a weed. If so, none of those seeds germinated.

What is this? A Weed or Cucumber? (Oh, Don't pay any attention to the way ward green bean that is in the top of the pic. Some how it lost its way from the rest of the patch.)

Look what I have. Its a super tiny beginning of a cucumber. isn't it cute.


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