Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Inside

Before total restoration (you have to see the big picture)

Well, the inside is just about done. A few little things to tweek like buy another curtain rod because one I bought had 2 left brackets, Geez! And make one more curtain for the small window.

The pup isnt all the way up in these pics as its under a carport canopy, so you dont get the full view, and you can see the canvas is not tight. We are pulling it out tonight to hook up to truck to make sure all the new lights work before DH takes it on its first trip, He is going hunting with daughters boyfriend and my brother.

You can see the new canvas and new curtains in these pics. The canvas was supposed to be tan, looks orange to me, but oh well, it looks and fits awesome, Thanks Bear Creek Canvas.

The curtains, I got a great deal at lowes, they were originally $20 a panel. I needed 10. Well, I read on the pop up group they were going on clearance. So I kept checking, I bought the last 6 my lowes had for 4.00 each, then went to plantcity lowes and got the last 4 they had for 2.50 each. So all in all, Not a bad deal. Total. $26.00, and this was enough to make 4 cushion covers. I also have enough to make some pillow case covers. So every thing will match.

I used a mesh laundry bag for the tops of the curtains that cover the beds, so you can have them closed and still get AC in the bunks. I also put dowel rods in the bottoms of the curtains. One, it keeps the bottoms out, and use can gather the middles with tiebacks (Scraps and velcro) then when you go to close up camper, take the tie back off, roll up the curtain and use tie back to attach to rod at the roof. So your curtains aren't all wrinkled when you open it, and the dont get in the way when you close it.

I think it looks great, compared to when we first got this old gal. DH sat at the Camper table after all curtains were up. And said, "Man, does this look nice".

After total restoration (And this is what you get at the end) Love it!

Oh, Still need to paint pin strip and put on new decals I cut out myself.

Thanks for looking, besure to check out my webshots for all pictures.



Jaci said...

how did you attache your curtain rods?

Sharon said...

At first, we used small white curtain rods and screwed the little gold brackets in the side wall, But after opening and closing it. We noticed they would come off the hook holders. So we took the rods out and bought some Elastic cording (like bunge cord) and used that instead of curtain rods. And attached the cording to the holders already up. And it worked perfect. And moves with the opening and closing of the roof.