Friday, April 3, 2009

Pups first trip!

Well, after 5 months of restoration, replacing every thing, and spending 8 hours last night trying to get the lights to work right. My brother tried several different plugs, redid the plug on the TV (Tow Vehicle) nothing worked, ran to Walmart, bought a totally new trailer wire kit with new back lights, (those were the only ones we didn't replace). Got the wires ran in the trailer frame so you don't see the wires. It all works great now. We had it hooked up to tow on my DH F150. But my brother had to change the plug wiring around so they could tow it on my future Son-in-laws Chevy Truck.

But, good news it, it just left for its first trip with my Husband, Future SIL, and brother. They went hunting for turkey again this weekend. I hope it all goes well. Will up date when they get back on Sunday.

Also got some great news, the guy we bought it from emailed me today, he found the canopy, and we can go get it. How exciting is that.

Oh, Monday the 6th is our 24th Anniversary.


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