Thursday, April 23, 2009

EG Simmons Park

Enough about gardening.

We went camping at EG Simmons park April 10-12, It was a bad weekend, it was spring break here, and Easter weekend as well, But it was the only weekend, my daughter had off of school and work.

We called on Wed, they were booked for the whole week, they told us to call back on Thursday. So we did, we called at 9am, 11am, and 12pm, They said, they might have a few check outs after noon, as that's check out time. Said to call back at 1pm. So we did, and they had 5 check outs. They don't reserve, its first come first serve. So my daughter and I hoped in the car and hauled you know what, out to Riverview, its like 45 miles from my house, on I75. On the way, we seen several trucks pulling campers and pop ups, So that made us drive faster to pass them, just in case they were headed there.

By the time we got there, they only had 2 spots left. One with a boat slip, Not much of a choice but hey, its a spot. Its only $12 per night with full hookup, bath, showers, RV Dump stations, Boat launch, Beach if you can call it that, Nice, playgrounds on the beach and campgrounds. If you like the water, its a nice place to camp. BUT! you much be prepared for the the chiggers and no seeums. They will tear you up, I'm not kidding.

We use tiki torches, Spray the ground with yard gaurd. Use lots of Deep woods off, and skin so soft. Also have a screen room we stay in. Believe it or not, it is nice. If you can put up with the bugs.

The park was totally full and usually is, with RV's that say for a full 30 days at a time.

You can view my pics on my "Web Shots", (man, I need to work on updating that)

 Okay, So webshots changed and closed my account. So had to open up a Photo bucket account.  Here is a link to EG simmons park pictures. 

EG Simmons Park Florida Picture Link

Here is link to "EG Simmons park".

Happy Camping,

What is this? A Weed or Cucumber?

I planted 2 kinds of cucumbers, the one in the other SWC. (Self Watering Continer "5 Gallong bucket") Im not sure if its a cucumber or a weed. I need to investigate and see what it is. Its strange looking, the stems are red, the leaves are long skinny green with a dark spot in the middle of the leaf. And has a off white flower sprig thing on the top. Is this a weed. If so, none of those seeds germinated.

What is this? A Weed or Cucumber? (Oh, Don't pay any attention to the way ward green bean that is in the top of the pic. Some how it lost its way from the rest of the patch.)

Look what I have. Its a super tiny beginning of a cucumber. isn't it cute.


The lonely Cabbage!

I planted several cabbage seeds, this one is the only one that came up. Looks like some one else is hungry by looking at the leaves, I sprayed it with some soap mixture, I hope it works. Excited to see if it grows big.

Every year I try and grow some thing new. This year, there are several. So far, Cabbage, Zucchini, Onions, Cucumbers,Potatoes.

My garden gets a little bigger every year. This year its 17 X 32. And we just tilled another section last week, 10 X 14. Its on the other side of the Red shed you have seen in the garden pics. It runs East to West so gets all day sun. DH planted Cantaloupe and Water Mellon seeds there so they don't take over the garden like last year. And What do I see peaking though the soil in the middle, Yep, More Corn!. I swear, He is addicted to growing corn.

I see some things growing in my potato buckets, and not sure if its corn or Canna Lilly's. Will have to wait and see. I'm new to growing potatoes, so right now, they have grown over the short buckets,(Need to use taller buckets next time) they have just flowered little white flowers. So I guess the next step is wait for them to turn brown, then dump and look for Tatters. Will let you know how it goes.


First picks from the Garden

As I said in a previous post, the garden is growing slow. But we picked a few of the things ready to help it produce more. We got a big bowl of green beans. They are all trimmed, blanched and in the freezer. I love the "Reynolds Handi Vac". They work great for freezing veggies and getting all the air out. Its a cheaper option then a food sealer machine. Watch the video on that link.

We also picked 2 squash, there are 15 others on this one plant, and 10 on the other plant. They should be ready next week or so. I love grilled squash. Not wild about it boiled.


Zucchini Flower falling off

I learned some thing new today about Zucchini. I have never grown it before so when I seen that the flowers were just falling off, like some one took scissors and snipped them off. I went looking on the internet for a cause and treatment.

Well, turns out, that's normal for them to fall off. You see, Zucchini has male and female flowers. When the male opens to release pollen, it falls off. As its job is done. Leaving the female flowers to produce the fruit.

You can read more about this "HERE"

Happy Gardening

Garden Veggies Update

The garden is slow growing, with the cold fronts that come and go and with the heavy water restrictions here in Florida. The garden is growing very slow but we picked the first fruits of the field yesterday.

We tried some thing new this year, the weeds were getting out of control and with mine and DH medical problems, pulling weeds is just to much, so we tried some thing and it seems to be working just fine. We bought a box of cheap black trash bags, cut down the sides so they open flat, then cut down the middle to get 2 long pieces from each bag. Then bought some boxes of garden medal stakes at walmart, you get 40 in a box for like $3.98. Put the plastic just over the mounds of dirt and staked it down, so the bottoms of the mounds still get the water.

As you can see, its working pretty good, now we only have to weed the flat part of the rows with this awesome tool called "Scuffle Stirrup Hoe". This thing is amazing. You just push and pull, and it cuts down the weeds, you can go as deep as you want, and it does not pile the dirt like regular Hoe does. Bought mine at Home depot. My husband loves that tool. Makes his work alot easier.

here are some pics of the garden with the plastic, as its growing.

Garden freshly tilled

Garden with Black trash bags

Garden update a few weeks later, Growing slow but very nice so far.

Will post some other pics in next post.

Thanks for looking

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pups first trip!

Well, after 5 months of restoration, replacing every thing, and spending 8 hours last night trying to get the lights to work right. My brother tried several different plugs, redid the plug on the TV (Tow Vehicle) nothing worked, ran to Walmart, bought a totally new trailer wire kit with new back lights, (those were the only ones we didn't replace). Got the wires ran in the trailer frame so you don't see the wires. It all works great now. We had it hooked up to tow on my DH F150. But my brother had to change the plug wiring around so they could tow it on my future Son-in-laws Chevy Truck.

But, good news it, it just left for its first trip with my Husband, Future SIL, and brother. They went hunting for turkey again this weekend. I hope it all goes well. Will up date when they get back on Sunday.

Also got some great news, the guy we bought it from emailed me today, he found the canopy, and we can go get it. How exciting is that.

Oh, Monday the 6th is our 24th Anniversary.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Inside

Before total restoration (you have to see the big picture)

Well, the inside is just about done. A few little things to tweek like buy another curtain rod because one I bought had 2 left brackets, Geez! And make one more curtain for the small window.

The pup isnt all the way up in these pics as its under a carport canopy, so you dont get the full view, and you can see the canvas is not tight. We are pulling it out tonight to hook up to truck to make sure all the new lights work before DH takes it on its first trip, He is going hunting with daughters boyfriend and my brother.

You can see the new canvas and new curtains in these pics. The canvas was supposed to be tan, looks orange to me, but oh well, it looks and fits awesome, Thanks Bear Creek Canvas.

The curtains, I got a great deal at lowes, they were originally $20 a panel. I needed 10. Well, I read on the pop up group they were going on clearance. So I kept checking, I bought the last 6 my lowes had for 4.00 each, then went to plantcity lowes and got the last 4 they had for 2.50 each. So all in all, Not a bad deal. Total. $26.00, and this was enough to make 4 cushion covers. I also have enough to make some pillow case covers. So every thing will match.

I used a mesh laundry bag for the tops of the curtains that cover the beds, so you can have them closed and still get AC in the bunks. I also put dowel rods in the bottoms of the curtains. One, it keeps the bottoms out, and use can gather the middles with tiebacks (Scraps and velcro) then when you go to close up camper, take the tie back off, roll up the curtain and use tie back to attach to rod at the roof. So your curtains aren't all wrinkled when you open it, and the dont get in the way when you close it.

I think it looks great, compared to when we first got this old gal. DH sat at the Camper table after all curtains were up. And said, "Man, does this look nice".

After total restoration (And this is what you get at the end) Love it!

Oh, Still need to paint pin strip and put on new decals I cut out myself.

Thanks for looking, besure to check out my webshots for all pictures.