Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pop Up Kitchen Update

We finished the kitchen part of the renovation. Actually, we are about done, but this is the kitchen part.

We had to replace the board the top cabinet sits on, it was totally rotted. I covered it with wood grain contact paper. I called 3M, they said, it would stick to bare wood and would not come off. We will see about that.

We had to make a counter top as there was not one at all. The sink was sitting on the floor, and there was only parts to a stove.

We cut the new plywood and used some stuff left over from the roof to cover it. Used Gorilla glue to attach it. Looks good.

Sink installed, new drain, hoses, faucet. The stove, I ended up replacing with a free stove from a wonderful person on the pop up portal group. (I cant find the person name)I painted it white, and it looks great.

The only problem I see, is all the doors we replaced as the others were rotted partical board. Well, the contact paper is a lighter color then the wood grain metal. My hubby says it's fine, but it will annoy me, till I get that changed. Will have to strip it off and stain them to match.

The one long bench we also had to replace, we ended up taking it back off and making it a hinged flip top. Its so nice to not have to bend down to the floor to get stuff out. I also covered with contact paper. Looks good for now.

Kitchen done with new curtains and canvas.

Will post some pics of the rest of the pop up in a few.


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