Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gotta Potti!

No really, I bought one today, we are done with the total restoration of the 85' Coleman pop up. Now we are planing for some mods. We have decided to build a bathroom in the pup. So I will make it so that later I can add a shower.

I found a great deal online at JCWhitney. This is the largest self contained Porta Potti. It has a 4 gallon freshwater tank and a 5.5 gallon used tank. And is easy to clean. Its the Campa Potti XG Its also on sale for 79.99 and if you spend $99 you get free shipping. The shipping was almost $20 so I figured, I would rather get some needed stuff and get the free shipping. Then pay the shipping out right. So stocked up on special paper and liquid chem for the porta potti.

Im also going to purchase a Shower Tent, so that when my husband goes hunting in the green swap like he did this weekend, he will have his own bathroom as they have to walk like a mile to the one that's there.

Okay enought about the potti, lol

My 3rd shipment of vinyl will be here tomorrow, You see, I have ordered 2 different times, and nothing in the right color, SO I just went with a plain every day brown, it will match better then the others. I will put the decals on and paint the pinstrip this week. I need to sew 2 more cushion covers and put all the curtains up, test the water and gas lines. And reload the pup.


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