Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Paint!

We have been working on the outside of the pup now. We had the hardest time finding what we needed. We were looking for a 3M strip off wheel. Read about it Here. Make sure if you buy this one by 3M, you get the mandrel with it. I went to Napa, their system showed they had Item 7498 (which comes with the mandrel). So I ordered it, waited, when it came in, it didn't have the mandrel. But all their stores and ware house only had 7499 with no mandrel, just the replacement wheel and it was 32.00 for that. Some one screwed up the inventory stock number. So returned it.

So I searched the internet and found this eraser wheel at Joe Tool Company. You need to order both the wheel #AST400E (7.95) order 2 or more. Also the Mandrel AST400E-AR to attach to your drill. I would order 2 or more wheels as they charge very high shipping for such a small item. And once you use it, you will be addicted and use it all around the house and cars.

Here is a tip for you as well and will save you time. We first removed the pinstripe top layer with a heat gun, (this was before we found the wheel) Big mistake. It left the sticky residue behind, and took longer to remove it and ate a lot of the first wheel, so we needed a second. I later found at a local car paint store, but it cost double. $15. Any way, With the other 3 sides. It went so much faster just going right to the pinstripe and removing it all top layer and residue. With no damage to paint or body, this thing is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Some pics, the rest are on my web shots or link is on the right. This is my DH working on the camper. He loves this project.

Any suggestions of Cheap, Easy, do-it-yourself painting tips, what kind, primer first or not. What ever, Please leave me a comment or email me.


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