Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting Ready for Paint Update and New Canvas

We have been moving right along so thought I would catch up the blog. Still need to update the Webshots.

Got all the stickers and pin striping off, sanded, washed, Primer and 2 coats of External Latex Semi Gloss house paint (White). Okay, so I didn't stick to the original color, of Tan, I thought it looked old being tan, I mean, it is old/vintage (1985), but it don't look old now that it has basically every thing replaced.

I went to 4 local sign shops and couldn't find the right color vinyl to cut my own decals with my KNK Groove machine. So I ordered some from 2 different suppliers and nope, not the right color either. So I ordered another color from another supplier today, I'm just going to go with plain old brown. It originally had Burgundy, but I don't think that goes with the new Canvas. Will post pics of it after I get the decals cut.

Also has all new lights, water and electrical outlets as well. Did I mention, we have replaced every thing. Even the tires.

Here is a pic of the new canvas from Bear Creek Canvas. The new canvas fits like a glove. Love the fact its not that evolution stuff it was originally made of. Love the dark tented windows and the back window is not 2 separate windows instead of the one large one in the original. I think I got a great deal on this new canvas. It was only $770. I contacted 4 other places and they wanted $1200-$1500. So I highly recommend Bear Creek Canvas.

By the way. If you notice the slack in the canvas, the top is not all the way up as it hits the top of the canopy covering it, I know this, because I need to touch up the roof as it was raised all the way up to adjust the new cables. And it rubbed on the bars.

We also got the AC back on, and I painted the inside AC Cover white to match the new roof. It was Tan/Yellow?

I sewed new curtains today, and need to make the cushion covers. Its all registered as well. Just waiting for decals and shes ready for her first camping trip.

More to come later.

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