Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gotta Potti!

No really, I bought one today, we are done with the total restoration of the 85' Coleman pop up. Now we are planing for some mods. We have decided to build a bathroom in the pup. So I will make it so that later I can add a shower.

I found a great deal online at JCWhitney. This is the largest self contained Porta Potti. It has a 4 gallon freshwater tank and a 5.5 gallon used tank. And is easy to clean. Its the Campa Potti XG Its also on sale for 79.99 and if you spend $99 you get free shipping. The shipping was almost $20 so I figured, I would rather get some needed stuff and get the free shipping. Then pay the shipping out right. So stocked up on special paper and liquid chem for the porta potti.

Im also going to purchase a Shower Tent, so that when my husband goes hunting in the green swap like he did this weekend, he will have his own bathroom as they have to walk like a mile to the one that's there.

Okay enought about the potti, lol

My 3rd shipment of vinyl will be here tomorrow, You see, I have ordered 2 different times, and nothing in the right color, SO I just went with a plain every day brown, it will match better then the others. I will put the decals on and paint the pinstrip this week. I need to sew 2 more cushion covers and put all the curtains up, test the water and gas lines. And reload the pup.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Paper Piecing of my PUP

I made this file in my KNK Maxx software. Its a paper piecing of my pup up. Some day, I will scapbook a picture of our first camping trip with our newly renovated Vintage pup up.

If you are interested in a KNK cutter, Contact Sandy McCauley. She has the best support out there for these and other machines.

Sorry about the water mark name on my pics, I have had some rude people trace my files before, I know this wont stop them, but it might make it a little more difficult.

Please do not copy or trace my pics or files.


Getting Ready for Paint Update and New Canvas

We have been moving right along so thought I would catch up the blog. Still need to update the Webshots.

Got all the stickers and pin striping off, sanded, washed, Primer and 2 coats of External Latex Semi Gloss house paint (White). Okay, so I didn't stick to the original color, of Tan, I thought it looked old being tan, I mean, it is old/vintage (1985), but it don't look old now that it has basically every thing replaced.

I went to 4 local sign shops and couldn't find the right color vinyl to cut my own decals with my KNK Groove machine. So I ordered some from 2 different suppliers and nope, not the right color either. So I ordered another color from another supplier today, I'm just going to go with plain old brown. It originally had Burgundy, but I don't think that goes with the new Canvas. Will post pics of it after I get the decals cut.

Also has all new lights, water and electrical outlets as well. Did I mention, we have replaced every thing. Even the tires.

Here is a pic of the new canvas from Bear Creek Canvas. The new canvas fits like a glove. Love the fact its not that evolution stuff it was originally made of. Love the dark tented windows and the back window is not 2 separate windows instead of the one large one in the original. I think I got a great deal on this new canvas. It was only $770. I contacted 4 other places and they wanted $1200-$1500. So I highly recommend Bear Creek Canvas.

By the way. If you notice the slack in the canvas, the top is not all the way up as it hits the top of the canopy covering it, I know this, because I need to touch up the roof as it was raised all the way up to adjust the new cables. And it rubbed on the bars.

We also got the AC back on, and I painted the inside AC Cover white to match the new roof. It was Tan/Yellow?

I sewed new curtains today, and need to make the cushion covers. Its all registered as well. Just waiting for decals and shes ready for her first camping trip.

More to come later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pop Up Kitchen Update

We finished the kitchen part of the renovation. Actually, we are about done, but this is the kitchen part.

We had to replace the board the top cabinet sits on, it was totally rotted. I covered it with wood grain contact paper. I called 3M, they said, it would stick to bare wood and would not come off. We will see about that.

We had to make a counter top as there was not one at all. The sink was sitting on the floor, and there was only parts to a stove.

We cut the new plywood and used some stuff left over from the roof to cover it. Used Gorilla glue to attach it. Looks good.

Sink installed, new drain, hoses, faucet. The stove, I ended up replacing with a free stove from a wonderful person on the pop up portal group. (I cant find the person name)I painted it white, and it looks great.

The only problem I see, is all the doors we replaced as the others were rotted partical board. Well, the contact paper is a lighter color then the wood grain metal. My hubby says it's fine, but it will annoy me, till I get that changed. Will have to strip it off and stain them to match.

The one long bench we also had to replace, we ended up taking it back off and making it a hinged flip top. Its so nice to not have to bend down to the floor to get stuff out. I also covered with contact paper. Looks good for now.

Kitchen done with new curtains and canvas.

Will post some pics of the rest of the pop up in a few.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pepper had Surgery today

My 10 year old Sheltie mix "Pepper", Had surgery today. He has had a non cancerous lump (lipoma) under his right arm for about a year. The vet said not to worry about it unless it grew and caused him problems. Well, in the past 3 weeks it has tripled in size. And he was having trouble breathing. We went to the vet last Friday, and they said it had to come out.

So they did surgery and found not one but 4 lumps on his chest. The largest weighed 2 1/2 pounds. They sent it off for testing. Pepper is home and in pain, but doing well. No playing ball for a few weeks. Poor thing. I feel so bad for him, but happy to know he will be will me for a few more years. Every thing else turned out good.

Sheltie is "Pepper" the little guy is "Bandit" our 4lb Chihuahua(AKA: Rottweiler in a Chi package)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Paint!

We have been working on the outside of the pup now. We had the hardest time finding what we needed. We were looking for a 3M strip off wheel. Read about it Here. Make sure if you buy this one by 3M, you get the mandrel with it. I went to Napa, their system showed they had Item 7498 (which comes with the mandrel). So I ordered it, waited, when it came in, it didn't have the mandrel. But all their stores and ware house only had 7499 with no mandrel, just the replacement wheel and it was 32.00 for that. Some one screwed up the inventory stock number. So returned it.

So I searched the internet and found this eraser wheel at Joe Tool Company. You need to order both the wheel #AST400E (7.95) order 2 or more. Also the Mandrel AST400E-AR to attach to your drill. I would order 2 or more wheels as they charge very high shipping for such a small item. And once you use it, you will be addicted and use it all around the house and cars.

Here is a tip for you as well and will save you time. We first removed the pinstripe top layer with a heat gun, (this was before we found the wheel) Big mistake. It left the sticky residue behind, and took longer to remove it and ate a lot of the first wheel, so we needed a second. I later found at a local car paint store, but it cost double. $15. Any way, With the other 3 sides. It went so much faster just going right to the pinstripe and removing it all top layer and residue. With no damage to paint or body, this thing is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Some pics, the rest are on my web shots or link is on the right. This is my DH working on the camper. He loves this project.

Any suggestions of Cheap, Easy, do-it-yourself painting tips, what kind, primer first or not. What ever, Please leave me a comment or email me.