Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working on this blog (Fixed I Think)

I think this blog is working, I had to change the template to fix some errors with the last one. So hopefully this one is working okay. I still have a little issue on the left column touching the middle section, but nothing to really worry about I dont think.

I changed the name from Creating and Gardening to Camping and Gardening, as I moved all my crafting and cutter stuff to my other new blog. And this one is for just Camping and Gardening, LOL! And any thing else I guess that isnt crafting related.

I dont leave my house, so I spend some time in the back yard, so you will see postings about my flowers (which all look bad from the frost) but hope they come back in the spring.

You will also see some of out Vintage Camper Repairs here. Its a slow process, but moving along. Need to put the new cables on hopefully this weekend. The new tires went on last weekend. Need to paint the box and put the new lights on, and new canvas then take it out for its maiden camping trip, When the weather warms up.

If you see some thing that dont look right or dont work, let me know, so I can try and get it fixed.

Thanks for stopping by,

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